Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Eight Weeks 2.0

This time of year is hectic for us. Four separate family celebrations all to attend, plus trying to make time for our own little family traditions. I'm stressed just thinking about it. Technically I'm writing this at 8w3d and it is CHRISTMAS!

All the chaos aside, we had a great time celebrating with our families. Despite feeling so sick and exhausted, I tried to make the best of the situation. Sam kept me plenty busy at the in-laws', he either gets shy and overwhelmed or he runs around full speed towards all the dangerous obstacles he can find. We just ushered our last guest out the door and Sam and I practically fell into bed. I can't believe Christmas is already over!

I did get a little teary a few times today. The first was while lying in bed with Sam before he woke up, thinking about how this is his last Christmas as my only baby. Its bittersweet. A sibling is the greatest gift we could give him but I do ache a little thinking of sharing my heart.

I am here bow getting nervous about our appointment tomorrow. I don't know why but baby appointments always make me anxious. Its like I'm always waiting for something to go wrong.

Symptoms: Besides the ever present nausea, gagging and bone dense exhaustion and fatigue, new this week is being extra teary and emotional. I've also had a bad lower backache a few times. I think from picking Sam up a lot.
Weight: I'm down 2.5 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight at this point. All the nausea doesn't help.
Sleep: insomnia is killing me. My restless legs get way worse with pregnancy too so I'm driving my husband crazy with all my moving around. Then there's the ever annoying two am pee call. Ugh. Sooooo.tired.
Food Cravings: No real cravings yet but the only things I want are sour and salty. Sweet things are not sitting well at all. I immediately gag.
Best Moment this week: we told our families about the baby during all the celebrations. Many were surprised but most were supportive and happy for us (if a little awkward about it)
Movement: nope.
Gender: still having strong boy vibes but literally everyone else thinks girl.
Belly button: innie forever
What do I miss: Being hungry!
What am I looking forward to: Hearing this little baby and possibly seeing the little bean tomorrow!
Milestones: first quintessential pregnancy moment: crying while opening Christmas presents.
Weekly Wisdom: never say never! I find myself loving this pregnancy more with each passing day.

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