Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seven Weeks 2.0

I find myself willing this pregnancy along week by week. Not because I'm in any way prepared to handle two babies quite yet, but because I've done this before and I just KNOW that if I hang on til 16 weeks, I will finally gain some energy back and lose some of the dreadful dizziness and nausea that are currently plaguing me.

Its as if Sam knows something is changing in his mama. We were to the point where we were nursing only before naps and bedtime. Since the moment of the positive pregnancy test, Sam has suddenly been nursing like a newborn again. Its like he knows his time is limited. In a way it breaks my heart...and even though my nipples are killing me with every latch, I'd still like to let him to wean himself on his own terms. If I hadn't gotten pregnant, I would've kept nursing Sam until whenever he chose to wean. I hope he gets to wean in a peaceful manner without tears and sadness. It has been such a beautiful, comforting and bonding experience for us both.

Anyyyyyyway. Here I am at 7 weeks pregnant!

I am starting off this pregnancy 25 lbs lighter than my pregnancy with Sam. Yay breastfeeding! I hope I look cute this time rather than just like a large house.

Seven Week Bump Update:

Symptoms: super tender breasts and nips, horrible nausea and near constant on the verge of puking feelings, dizziness, EXHAUSTION

WEIGHT: I’ve actually lost a pound since finding out.

Sleep: seeing as how I haven't slept through the night since before Sam was born, you'd think I'd be used to it by now. Sam is a horrible sleeper but even when he's out I'm awake with racing thoughts. I've also had to get up to pee at 2 every morning. Bah.

Food Cravings: All things salty or sour are what sounds good. Nothing else. I actually drank pickle juice the other day. Lol. Also Wendy's chicken nuggets. I'm really always nauseous and never hungry but those things go down easier than sweets.

Best moment this week:  Sam has started pointing to my belly and saying, "baby! "

Movement: none yet! But I do have tons of tummy gurgles

Labor Signs: nope, not for awhile I hope.

Gender: We won't know for awhile. I have strong boy vibes just like with Sam. I think Josh is hoping for a girl.

Belly Button in or out? In for the long haul. It never popped last time.

What I Miss: energy to play with my boy. Being able to have a mimosa on Christmas

What I am looking forward to: our first appointment on 12/26

Milestones: feeling more bonded to this baby by the day.

Weekly Wisdom: zofran is from heaven.

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