Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thirty Weeks 2.0

Blegh.  Its been a rough week for me. For some reason, my nausea is back full force. Sadly, all the milk I consumed last week came back to haunt me in horrifying ways also. Yuck!

All I've really been able to stomach this week has been bland carbs again. Toast, animal crackers, grilled cheese sandwiches when I'm feeling saucy. ;) I've dropped two lbs again so that's not good. Like I said, blegh. I'm trying so hard to keep something in my stomach at all times bc I definitely feel worse on an empty stomach but seriously, two bites and I'm so nauseous I have to stop.

I still haven't heard back about my monitor so I'll be calling on Monday. I continue to have episodes every day, some worse than others. I have bursts of energy that quickly get killed by having to sit down and breathe so as not to pass out. Yay.

I actually bit the bullet and made my first baby purchase! Amazon had our tried and true favorite, the rock n play bassinet, on sale for half off for one day so I ordered it. Score! Its just sitting in the nursery disassembled for now bc I don't want Sam climbing in it all the time. We really shouldn't need much else besides a car seat and stroller.  Hard to believe all the crap we thought we'd need with Sam and this time I'm like, place to sleep? Car seat? Clothes? Boobs? Check!

Symptoms: more nauseous than ever this week. Also, fatigued super easily. Lots of RLP and back pain especially in bed at night!
Weight: back down to 144. Boo.
Sleep: I'm so exhausted all the time that I take a nap with Sam almost every day. I am waking up twice a night to pee now. So that's fun.
Food Cravings: nothing this week. At all. Just whatever will stay in there and not make me want to puke.
Best Moment this week: Reaching thirty weeks feels very surreal!
Movement: like always, a ton! Especially while laying down. I can see tiny hands or feet now quickly flitting around. Also lots of hiccups!
Labor signs: nope
Gender: boy
Belly button: pretty much out at this point.
What do I miss: just not feeling like shit all the time!
What am I looking forward to: getting some news about my dang heart!
Milestones: 30 weeks!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Twenty Nine Weeks 2.0

I had my Holter monitor test this week. It was pretty anticlimactic getting it put on. Basically, they just stuck some electrode pads on me ("sensitive" ones this time since I still have marks that look like burns from the ones in the ER). I was given a sweet beeper sized box to wear on my pants and told to press the button and record what I was doing if I started feeling bad.

I had to wear it for 24 hours and in that amount of time I had 4 episodes. None were horrible but enough to make m feel woozy and my heart pounding. My HR was between 104-120 during them so hopefully that provides enough evidence of the SVT that they put me on the beta blockers. I just want to feel normal again and keep up with Sam without passing out!

I had to drive all the way downtown to turn the monitor in so I was waiting in the parking lot for my 24 hours to be u p. I ripped those electrodes off SO fast! omg I was miserable bc they were so itchy! Despite being the sensitive pads I still apparently am allergic to the glue or something. Nursing Sam was also interesting with them on. he actually did pretty good and didn't try to pull on the wires. He did keep touching them and saying, "doctor?" so cute.

Symptoms: Minus all the heart drama, I actually don't feel too bad this week! Leg cramps and heartburn at night are my main complaints
Weight: up to 145.5-146...which means, I've FINALLY hit the 10 lb mark at 29 weeks! woo!
Sleep: I want it all the time but it's usually not great
Food Cravings: the biggest craving of my pregnancy by FAR, honey nut cheerios and MILK! I am normally not a milk person as it kills my stomach but it doesn't seem to be bothering me. I noticed my milk craving when I would catch myself taking swigs out of Sam's sippy before putting the lid on. haha! he drinks expensive organic whole milk and it is so creamy and sweet!
Best Moment this week: getting that damn heart monitor off.
Movement: so so much. my whole belly wobbles
Labor signs: nope
Gender: boy
Belly button: out
What do I miss: feeling normal and having energy!
What am I looking forward to: hearing the results of my holter and hopefully getting some relief
Milestones: ten lbs gained! that's a milestone for me!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Twenty Eight Weeks 2.0

Thankfully, I haven't had any more heart issues since last week...although a few times I started to feel the warning signs but I was able to ward them off with water and rest.

I cut out caffeine completely since the last episode (even though I wasn't drinking much...maybe a coke a week?) but I swear those worst times were after I drank a coke. I'm not sure if that is what the culprit was but I do feel a bit better!

i had a follow up with my pcp and she seemed legitimately concerned. She ran another EKG on me in office and TONS of bloodwork for literally everything: electrolyes, potassium, thyroid levels and even an accidental lipid test for cholesterol which came back super high. I freaked out at first but then I called and was told it was an accident and that they never test a pregnant woman's cholesterol bc it gets high naturally during pregnancy and nursing. ACK.

Anyway, I was "diagnosed" with SVT: super ventricular tachycardia. Basically my heart is beating too fast.  duh. but we still don't know why. My resting heart rate seems to sit right around 100 which is right on the border of high, she said. I still have to set up my appointment to be fitted for my holter monitor. Things have just been so busy! They're hoping to be able to catch an episode with the monitor but I'm under instructions you're get to the ER ASAP if it happens again so they can see it in action. yay.

This week we also had Sam's two year appointment and mother's day! We actually celebrated on Saturday when the weather was still nice (it's been snowing all day today! boo! ) We took Sam to the Railroad Museum which is just a giant train yard basically. It was a blast and he was in heaven. Holy cow though, all that walking had my belly super hard and tight.

Tomorrow is my 28 week ob appointment and I have to take Sam with me. we shall see how that goes. We've been to the stupid Dr/hospital so much in the last two weeks between him and me that he is so over it. And so am I!

I haven't gained any weight this month and.I feel like my belly is a different shape every day depending what baby is doing in there!

Symptoms: ongoing nausea episodes every day, back psin and leg cramps, heartburn, lots of bh contractions! 

Weight: still hanging right around 143-144 on my home scale. Thats 7-8 lbs overall 

Sleep: meh. 

Food Cravings: this week it was corn on the cob! its not even good corn season yet but i HAD to hsve it. i bought 4 cobs and ate them all by myself this week! oh, and! apple slices with caramel dip! yum! 

Best Moment this week: Mother's day with my boys. :)

Movement: this baby is Nuts! As hes getting bigger his movement hurts more. Giant, belly shaking wobbles, twists, punches and kicks. hes super active at night or whenever im layi down. ive also had these strange fast, vibrations sometimes. i read that its bc the nerves aren't fullt developed so they twitch? It feels so weird

Labor signs: just strong bh sometimes 

Gender: boy! 

Belly button: out, especially when i laugh or cough! 

What do I miss: being able to bend easily or get up off the floor! 

What am I looking forward to: my appointment and maybe getting some baby gear finally 

Milestones: officially in third tri now! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Twenty Seven Weeks 2.0

Oh hey, look at that! Third trimester! And just like clockwork, I had to visit the ER this week.

I was just hanging outside with Sam when my heart started pounding uncontrollably and I had to lay down inside my back door to stop myself from passing out. My breathing was labored, I was hot, sweaty, shaking and nauseous. I took my pulse and it was around 147 bpm. WAYYY too high! When I still didn't feel better a few minutes after laying down, I went and got Sam inside (almost passed out again in the process), turned on a movie, stripped off all my clothes, got a glass of water and put my feet up. FINALLY, after about two hours I started to feel a bit better. it was awful.

I just figured it was a particularly bad pregnancy day for me so I shot an email to my ob. I got a call from a nurse right when I was coming out of my episode. She seemed concerned that the issue was with my heart and not pregnancy related at all (also taking into account the other times this has happened, my high heart rate throughout the pregnancy, the fact that my blood sugar and iron levels are okay, etc). So, she told me I should head to the ER for some tests and monitoring since the Kaiser facilities aren't equipped for that.

BAHHH. I didn't want to but I was freaked out enough that we headed over and had my mom meet us. Friday night in the ER we knew could take awhile. We ultimately spent 7 hours there while my mom took Sam home and kept him happy and put him to sleep (though not easily, stinker!) They did a full blood panel, gave me a bag of fluids/electrolytes, did an EKG and chest xray and then sent us to labor and delivery to monitor the baby for an hour. PHEW.

After all that, they sent me home with, "we don't really know what's wrong but it's not normal and shouldn't be happening" We do know that I have no blood clots in my heart or lungs. We also know that my bp is super low when. sitting (consistently around 90/50 while I was there) and that my resting heart rate seems to hover around 90 (still high, but not as crazy as when I'm having my episodes). One doctor's theory was that my bp is so low when I'm sitting that when I stand, my heart has to pump crazily fast to catch up. Makes sense, but again, shouldn't be happening. The baby could be putting an extra strain on my heart just by being in there. So now I have a consult with a cardiologist. I'll have to get a 24 hour halter monitor to see if there's any arrhythmia or abnormality they can pick up.

Sigh. Can I just NOT be a super dramatic pregnant lady for once? The good news is baby looks and sounds  perfect, so while his vessel may be busted, he isn't suffering for it. :)

Symptoms: well, passing out obviously! leg cramps, lots of abdominal stretching pains, heartburn all the time from nothing and just generally feeling worn down and exhausted
Weight: still hovering around 142-143 depending on the day.
Sleep: good when my husband and Sam are cooperating. Usually around 2-3 am I wake up to pee and then cannot fall back to sleep bc of my husband's snoring or I can't get comfortable
Food Cravings: I can't think of anything really except nutella out of the jar. haha.  I haven't had much of an appetite this week.
Best Moment this week: this week has been a mess. but I am now in my third tri. home stretch!
Movement: so much. freaky little octopus baby!
Labor signs: nope
Gender: boy
Belly button: still popped
What do I miss: not having dramatic health issues!
What am I looking forward to: meeting with all the new drs that can hopefully give me some damn answers!

Weekly Wisdom: don't throw razor cartridges away where toddlers can reach. I forgot to even add that little tidbit about our week: Sam tried to remove his thumbprint with a razor blade on Thursday. it was a mess that wouldn't stop bleeding. Long story but all is okay now except a disgusting wound that I have to keep clean and dry on a two year old...riiiiight.