Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thirty Five Weeks 2.0

I do believe we are ready for this baby. Ready is a relative term but we have all the stuff we could possibly need.

Little man decided to be a drama baby this week when he got stuck in my ribs! I was literally in tears with excruciating pain in my right ribs. I called the nurses line when it was not any better the next day and I wasn't feeling much movement. They had me come in for some monitoring...luckily my sister could come over to watch Sam bc I had to sit there on the monitor for an HOUR!

Baby wasn't moving much but he was moving enough. The nurse felt around a bit and said she thought he was laying sideways in my ribcage and that it felt like I might have a "displaced" rib! Ah! They did another CBC to check for pre e just in case since I have been having headaches too. I have another appointment on Tuesday, they'll do an ultrasound to check little man out if I'm still having the pain.

Symptoms: well the rib pain, headaches, dizziness, NAUSEA still that is freaking killing me...
Weight: I was surprised to see that I'd gained five lbs this month on the dr scale! That puts me right around 18 total! Not too bad for how bad I've felt!
Sleep: ugg
Food Cravings: just watermelon. And Gatorade. I swear I miss real food and really being hungry and not feeling sick all the time.
Best Moment this week: feeling ready for baby finally!
Movement: not much at all this week bc of his position! Sometimes he seems to wiggle loose but much less than normal
Labor signs: lots of cramping, lots of discharge...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thirty Four Weeks 2.0

The panic has continued this week. I've also been having nightly bouts of contractions! They feel like weak or dull menstrual cramps. They come every 3-5 minutes for a few hours and then fizzle out. It is crazy. I don't remember this with Sam at all! It kind of makes me believe I was right about my hunch that this little dude won't be long before entering the world.

I bought most of the stuff to assemble my hospital bag and then remembered that I have to pack Sam a bag too! Then I started bawling bc I'm so worried about how my baby is going to react to having to sleep somewhere else, miss his mommy and then come home to a new baby. Ugh. Hot.mess.over here.

In all reality, it's been hitting me lately how much of a big boy Sam is suddenly. He seems to comprehend so much more now (although the concept of baby in mommy's belly is foreign to him still). I know he will do great. I'm just scared of change. He has all but given up nursing except for a few brief seconds before sleep. He has been so sweet and cuddly and I'm trying so hard to just soak it up while he's the only one around.

My heart and nausea have been killing me this week again. Not sure why. But I did get some magnesium supplements from my mom to try. We shall see if it helps. I feel SO uncomfortable and pregnant but I don't feel like I look very big at all . I don't get into the Dr until July but I'll be interested to see how baby is measuring.

Symptoms: nausea, heart pounding all the time and contractions! Also, HOT FLASHES and having to pee allllllllll the time. 

Weight: im up to 152! Baby must have gone through a growth spurt bc i certainly havent been eating much. That puts me at 15! 

Sleep: ugh. I am so exhausted all the time but sleep doesnt come easily. Between the constant need to pee, the insomnia and just generally being uncomfortable , it aint happening. 

Food Cravings: gatorade, lemonade and those ice cream bars with crunchy chocolate shells!

Best Moment this week: Starting to get my hospital bag supplies together. Its getting real!

Movement: Lots and violent! 

Labor signs: yep...well, contractions but i dont know if theyre actually doing anything yet. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thirty Three Weeks 2.0


I know, I know. But really. I'm going to have a baby soon. I'm really starting to panic actually. I feel like a first time mom all over again. This weird, contorting blob in my belly is actually going to be a real person in a few weeks.


I am just. Stressed. I have no clue how Sam will handle it all. Or how we will. Ultimately I know it will be the greatest thing ever but logistically, I'm legitimately freaking out right now. That's why until now I've just sort of not thought about it at all . O.o

I think the hardest thing for me is not knowing WHEN it will happen. It could be any day or I could have 7 more weeks. For something so life altering, its just crazy to me to NOT.KNOW. I feel like Sam just doesn't at all grasp the concept and I'm really worried about how he will do  with the whole adjustment. He's my baby! I want him to feel totally into it and secure but there's no guaranteed way to make that happen. Ugh. I need to go back to denial land . Its safe there.

Symptoms: as you can tell, panic has set in! The reflux, heartburn and restless legs are killing me this week. Insomnia goes along with that. I've also been incredibly nauseous most days again.
Weight: up 11-12 lbs depending on the time of day lol. Have I finally started gaining for good?
Sleep: terrible. I'm so exhausted and end up napping with Sam nearly every day to survive
Food Cravings: Gatorade. It makes me feels better. Nothing else really
Best Moment this week: it's father's day weekend and seeing josh with Sam really gives me faith that our family was meant to expand to four and that it will be great!
Movement: always. This baby is VIOLENT and strong? Holy cow. Late at night, he wakes me up by moving my entire belly.
Labor signs: some random cramping here and there but it always goes away
Gender: boy. Still. ;)
Belly button: Out
What do I miss: sleep. Being hungry. Being able to breathe.
What am I looking forward to: I keep waiting for that perfect name to just jump out at me. ..
Milestones: hmm...first time I peed myself from baby kicking me hard in the bladder? That was charming!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Thirty Two Weeks 2.0

Blah. I'm grumpy this week. Uncomfortable and just so.over being pregnant.

Since cutting back on sugar and drinking more ,I have noticed my heart being a little less crazy this week. Could be coincidence but it's been a nice little change. I have been extra nauseous this week though so I am not sure I love that trade off.

Now that this baby is bigger, I seriously cannot get comfy ever. My ribs ache, I can't breathe, I'm crampy and sore down low and lets not even talk about the pressure in my vag and bum. Ack! 8 more weeks? ! How?

Symptoms: nausea, all those aches and pains i just mentioned. And oddly, lots more trips to the bathroom...and NOT just to pee. its not really that fun. 
Weight: Hanging around 10-11 lbs gained . I think all the bathroom trips are clearing any extra weight out. 
Sleep: Sadly i sleep great if my husband isnt in bed with me. I am such a light sleeper and my pregnant insomnia is so bad that his snoring wakes me up and then i can never get back to sleep. 
Food Cravings: still soft bakery bread and lemonade. That is all i want!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thirty One Weeks 2.0

Ahhhhh!  We are in the single digits for weeks remaining! I keep freaking myself out by thinking thoughts like, "it's June. Which means we could potentially have a baby NEXT MONTH" I said before....ahhhh!

I am still very much in denial about bringing a new baby home. Sam is still nursing. Still sucks at sleep. I am overwhelmed and exhausted. but I guess you just don't think about it, you just do it. It'll feel crazy and impossible at first but then it'll be our new normal.

I still am struggling to feel well every day. If it's not heart related, its my stomach acting up. Bleh.

My Dr did confirm the SVT diagnosis based on the results of my Holter monitor. While I had a pretty tame day when I wore it, it was enough evidence to prove that something was happening. She is torn on whether to treat me with the beta blockers though. She is worried about growth restriction and lung development. I'll see my ob on Tuesday and see what he says.

On Monday of last week, I was standing in my kitchen cooking breakfast (feeling actually fine for once) when with no warning at all, my Vision and hearing completely blacked out. I managed to start making my way to the couch but josh jumped up and helped me right on time. He said I was pale as a ghost. The rest of the day I felt horrible: shaky, woozy, nauseous, weak, and like my heart was hammering all day. It was awful and scary. Usually I get a little warning but this one hit out of no where. It terrifies me to think what could happen if I have an episode like that while driving.

The only advice my Dr could give if we don't do the beta blockers is to cut out caffeine, cut back on sugar and drink twice as much as usual. Bah. Its so frustrating but I just keep telling myself I'm almost done.

Symptoms: night sweats and hot flashes like crazy. Hip, back and crazy rlp unless I'm laying just right to support my belly. Then also the heart problems
Weight: hanging in right around 146-147, so approximately 10 lbs gained
Sleep: horrible. I've now started having to pee like 80 times a night in addition to the reflux and general uncomfortable feeling
Food Cravings: soft, bakery French bread! (I may have only eaten that for most of my meals this week lol) and lemonade! Oh, and crushed ice. I can't stop crunching on it nonstop
Movement: lots and getting stronger and more painful!
Labor signs: nope
Belly button: out

I'm pretty over the same lame questions. ..nothing too unusual or new going on!