Monday, June 9, 2014

Thirty Two Weeks 2.0

Blah. I'm grumpy this week. Uncomfortable and just so.over being pregnant.

Since cutting back on sugar and drinking more ,I have noticed my heart being a little less crazy this week. Could be coincidence but it's been a nice little change. I have been extra nauseous this week though so I am not sure I love that trade off.

Now that this baby is bigger, I seriously cannot get comfy ever. My ribs ache, I can't breathe, I'm crampy and sore down low and lets not even talk about the pressure in my vag and bum. Ack! 8 more weeks? ! How?

Symptoms: nausea, all those aches and pains i just mentioned. And oddly, lots more trips to the bathroom...and NOT just to pee. its not really that fun. 
Weight: Hanging around 10-11 lbs gained . I think all the bathroom trips are clearing any extra weight out. 
Sleep: Sadly i sleep great if my husband isnt in bed with me. I am such a light sleeper and my pregnant insomnia is so bad that his snoring wakes me up and then i can never get back to sleep. 
Food Cravings: still soft bakery bread and lemonade. That is all i want!

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