Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ten Weeks 2.0

Ugh. By far, this has been the absolute worst week of pregnancy I have ever experienced. Sam's included. I spend my days completely nauseated, my gagging has progressed to full on dry heaving fits where I have to hold my breath and take sips of ice water to regain control again. I actually vomited twice when I couldnt get a handle on it. It is awful.

My energy had been slowly making a reappearance it seems but we have been snowed in for three days. I am cranky and cabin fevered and having a VERY hard time entertaining my little toddler. 

Speaking of Sam, he's been a mess this whole week. Clingy, whiny, can't be out of my sight without melting down, sleeping terribly. ..we're talking up in the middle of the night fussing then being wired and not got back to sleep for HOURS. I don't know if it's his two year molars finally or what but Ohhh man. So.t.I.r.e.d.

Symptoms: the usual horrible nausea, dry heaves, exhaustion. Also some fun heartburn, horrible constipation, some dizziness and shaking. The most annoying is the fact that I can't seem to regulate my body temperature. I've been like this since the beginning but it's getting really old having these freezing and sweating spells.
Weight: I'm right where I started, 136. I'm thinking that has more to do with my bathroom issues than actual baby gain though
Sleep: Horrible.
Food Cravings: still only wanting salty, bland things. Baked potatoes. Everything else makes me gag.
Best Moment this week: see next question!
Movement: I swear, I thought I was going crazy the other night in bed when I kept feeling this familiar little wiggling sensation. I thought there was no way this early but lo and behold, I put my hand down low on my abdomen and pressed and could feel tiny wiggles in response. Whoa!
Labor signs: nope.
Gender: I am having strong boy vibes still. Everyone that knows thinks girl.
Belly button: in
What do I miss: sleep!
What am I looking forward to: our next appointment at 12 weeks. The np told me she'd let me peek at baby again. This time, we are opting out of any genetic testing as it's not covered and we are so low risk so I won't see little cashew again until our 20 week anatomy scan!  (Josh nicknamed this one that since Sam was Peanut in utero)
Milestones: first flutters! First time vomiting. Bleh.
Weekly Wisdom: naps don't ever make me feel better!

Enjoy my ten week belly with my little photo bomber!

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