Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thirteen Weeks 2.0

Just like that, the first trimester is over! I am still feeling pretty nauseated and gaggy most days but the boost in my energy has been incredible! I feel like catching up for lost time so most mornings I'm waiting for Sam to wake up so we can go,go,go! The weather has been so nice and sunny too which may be contributing to my funk coming to an end.

Our 12 week appointment on Tuesday was great! I went alone while Josh was on Sam duty. I'm a little bummed he missed the ultrasound as this baby was bouncing all over like a ping pong ball! Everything looked perfect, baby had a heart rate of 180! That's way higher than Sam's ever was so I'm getting creeping vibes that this might indeed be a little girl in there.

I have been trying to wean Sam down to three times a day for nursing. I know there's not much milk there as he's suddenly become a voracious eater and he frequently asks for sippies of milk (unheard of before now) . it makes me glad to know that obviously until now, my body was providing all he needed! Its amazing what we were designed to do. I am truly ready to wean. I would like some recovery time before starting over. I just want to end it on the sweet note that it's been for us all along. I don't want Sam to feel jealousy or sadness that I'm giving someone else his source of comfort.

i have been having some ridiculously scary and MESSED up dreams. Which really sucks bc when im actually sleeping, i wake up in a panic bc of these crazy dreams. My nost recent one involved spiders being implanted into my skin as punishment for catching a government protected fish. ..uhhh...Wtf? 

Symptoms: evening nausea and gagging, headaches, CRANKINESS. Annnd the ever so lovely constipation and hemi problem.
Weight: hanging in at 135.5
Sleep: worse than ever. insomnia, pee breaks, Sam sleeping like shit. fun.
Food Cravings: cherry and lemon sour twizzlers !
Best Moment this week: getting to see our little jellybean
Movement: I haven't felt much in a week or so but I do get random, "omg I'm gonna pee my pants" moments where the baby is either bouncing or resting on my bladder
Labor signs: nope
Gender: I'm maybe swinging towards girl bc I'm breaking out, cranky and I've been so sick. plus the heart rate
Belly button: in for now
What do I miss: margaritas to take the edge off my moodiness. (that makes me sound like an alcoholic)
What am I looking forward to: more energy
Milestones: end of first tri!

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