Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fifteen Weeks 2.0

Well, this has been the week from hell. Josh was kind enough to share his illness with Sam and I. We have basically been worthless, sad bums all week. Now that we are finally starting to emerge from the depths of misery, I'm almost positive that it was the flu. It lasts a good week and a half: fever, sore throat, exhaustion, cough, horrendous headache, tons of drainage and it ends with a few days of sneezing nonstop and nose running like a faucet.

The worst part for me has been not being able to take anything that really helps. I haven't event able to shake the horrible sinus headache for days and Tylenol just doesn't touch it.

We reached a super awesome milestone last night.  Sam threw up on me for the first time. Let me just say, I'm not great with puke in general but when it's your own baby, you just want to make sure they're okay. I didn't even care until the smell hit me. Then the pregnancy gag reflex tried to betray me. Poor baby. I think all his drainage upset his tummy and made him choke bc he just threw up all snot and thankfully not the dinner he'd eaten earlier. :p

Its funny how this time, I have no time or energy to stress about every little pregnancy thing. I don't even know what "fruit" baby is this week! gasp!

Our weaning journey came to an abrupt end with this illness. Meh. We will figure it out eventually.

Symptoms: Besides the flu symptoms this week, I've really only noticed some heartburn and an increasing urge to pee every five seconds.
Weight: Hanging in at 135. Sigh.
Sleep: Well this week, pure exhaustion has won out for all of us. Sam and I have slept many days away.
Food Cravings: Buttered toast and orange juice. That's all I want.
Best Moment this week: uhh...
Movement: I got some definite flutters and wiggles the other night but nothing regular yet.
Labor signs: no
Gender: ?
Belly button: starting to poke out at the top a little
What do I miss: cold medicine!
What am I looking forward to: next weeks appointment. feeling better!
Milestones: um, being puked on? oh wait. that doesn't count. Nothing really new this week
Weekly Wisdom: don't just swig benadryl from the bottle unless you want to be dead to the world. lol. Josh wasn't very pleased with me

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