Monday, February 3, 2014

Fourteen Weeks 2.0

I have FINALLY been feeling much better. There are daily bouts of nausea and not much appetite still but I feel like a new woman.

I actually stopped taking my Zofran daily in hopes of moving things along digestively speaking and though the nausea hits, it has been bearable with some deep breathing and sips of cold water.

Unfortunately, Josh brought home a cold this week so we've all been grumpy with sore throats and headaches. The worst part for me is the drainage and scratchy throat.  Blah. Hopefully it vacates the premises soon.

We have made big progress on the weaning front. Sam was down to just before naps and at bedtime which I was willing to sustain for awhile. Then suddenly, he decided he had to be attached to my boob all night. Pregnancy irritability plus the grating feeling of constant sucking on an already sore nipple pushed me off the deep end. Quite abruptly the other night, I got fed up and cut him off. Four hours of screaming later, he was sleeping.  I determined to wean him quickly for my sanity and he's responded better than I imagined.  He drank lots of milk from a sippy yesterday and ended up sleeping through the night last night! I almost died of shock.

I cried for HOURS yesterday over the thought of weaning Sam.  Its all a healthy part of growing up. Its been 21 beautiful months of bonding with my baby and giving him the best possible nutrition. I needed to take a step back and realize I was just being a martyr for the cause and no longer enjoying it and it was just no longer WORKING for us at night. It's time for both of us to let go of nursing as a crutch. So I will continue not offering during the day, refusing to nurse him during the night and working with him in getting to sleep without nursing and hopefully we will be done easily and happily soon.

Symptoms: nausea, back pain, random RLP and heartburn!
Weight: 135. I wonder if I'll ever gain any weight!
Sleep: Hopefully much better soon as we wean Sam
Food Cravings: not really feeling much of anything this week except buttered toast. I thought muddy buddies sounded good one day so I made them and was immediately disgusted by them. Sam and Josh were happy to take over for me.
Best Moment this week: Sam sleeping through the night for the first time since he was like two months old! Too bad I kept waking up to check on him!
Movement: I really haven't felt much from this baby for a few weeks. every now and then I'll think I feel something but not often. I hate this stage of pregnancy where you don't know if baby is okay in there without the big kicks and thumps!
Labor signs: nope
Gender: no idea yet
Belly button: the top of my belly button sticks out a little now
What do I miss: being able to have a glass of wine or margarita.
What am I looking forward to: Our next appointment in two weeks. I want to make sure everything looks good still!
Milestones: Getting closer to weaning, first maternity pants bought!
Weekly Wisdom: if it sounds good, eat it. who knows when you'll want to eat something again.

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