Saturday, February 22, 2014

Seventeen Weeks 2.0

Holy.Cow. I feel PREGNANT this week. I think I've been living mostly in denial and misery nausea land bc until now I keep forgetting I'm pregnant. NOT ANYMORE!

I think we are finally on the mend from the plague that hit us for most of the month of February. I truly was starting to lose my mind from being so ill and cooped up so thank the Lord for that.

The weather has been sunny (but windy! )and we have been spending every waking moment outside. Sam loves it and throws the biggest fit every day when I make him come inside.

I had my 16 week appointment on Tuesday and it was mostly uneventful. Dr. Bunjer (the np) found baby's heartbeat with the doppler and, as always, that was a sweet and wonderful sound. Baby's heart rate was 155 bpm which is right where Sam's always was so my boy vibes got a little boost. My blood pressure was a great 109/70 but my heart rate was fast again...117 this time which I am pretty sure is just odd for me. When I mentioned it, Dr. said it wasn't anything to worry about necessarily unless I was feeling faint or heart pounding all the time. I have felt both of those things at least weekly so I am supposed to keep a log of my resting heart rate three times a day until my next appointment.

Other than that, everything looked fine. I went ahead and got the quad screen done to test for genetic and neural tube abnormalities. The outcome wouldn't change anything for me except I'd feel more prepared to deal with the possibility of having a special needs child. I am a planner. I should have results by now but the Dr said no news is good news so I'm hoping we are in the clear there. I do truly love Kaiser for one reason only: they have specially trained phlebotomists in a lab just to draw your blood. I got poked and bruised and abused so many times last pregnancy and so far this time, both sticks I've had were successful (and gentle) on the first try and they don't complain about my veins. AMAZING!

I am supposed to drink a protein shake every day to try to get my weight up. I'm so thin that the Dr could tell me exactly what was the baby's head and butt through my belly. so cool! She also said she could feel baby moving around even though I couldn't at that point. ..but just a few days later and WHOAAA baby movement!

Symptoms: the motherload this week! Heartburn, horrible hip and leg pain, fullness after just a few bites of food, my insides feel pushed around already!, crazy sense of smell, ITCHY BOOBS (no real milk there anymore though I can get a drop if I squeeze)  and some lower abdominal aches and pains I need a heating pad! Most fun of all is the blacking out in public places. it's happened four times now where I either had to quickly bail into fresh air or literally sit on the floor of whatever store lm in until it passes. :(
Weight: 133 this week so thankfully already up a little from hell week.
Sleep: ugh. insomnia has struck big time. Sam is also being ridiculous this week. zzzz
Food Cravings: really nothing but I do have a little appetite back. I'm still loving blue Gatorade and salty French fries.
Best Moment this week: hearing my sweet baby's heartbeat galloping away and...
Movement: yes! I went from random flutters to full on stomach dropping flips. it feels like I'm on a roller coaster sometimes. so strange! I can feel baby from the outside too when I'm laying down.
Labor signs: nope
Gender: three more weeks til we find out!
Belly button: getting flatter
What do I miss: being able to button ny pants! it's finally time to suck it up and go buy some maternity pants
What am I looking forward to: our anatomy scan. scheduled for st. Patrick's day! that's significant bc Sam is my little lucky charm baby. It seems so special to me.
Milestones: Feeling my first baby flips from the inside and out!

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