Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sixteen Weeks 2.0

After recovering from our awful flu bug, we all were lucky enough to then be immediately stricken with a devil stomach virus from hell! What kind of luck is that?! I've been feeling very sorry for myself this week.

It all started on last Friday when Sam suddenly started screaming and acting inconsolable. He then vomited all over me and seemed back to his happy self. Pregnant me had to try hard not to vomit myself. At the time, I thought it was mucus related. But on Monday, I started having diarrhea. ..and that didn't stop until Friday! I was miserable and so over not being able to go anywhere for fear of when my bowels would betray me. Right when  I was starting to feel better, we had another terrifying and horrific vomit incident with Sam on Friday night.

Josh and I spent our Valentine's Day being soaked in and mopping up what seemed like gallons of puke. it was so very romantic. Sam slept through the night and woke up perfectly fine so God help us, I THINK it is FINALLY over. PLEASE, please be over.

I actually forgot I was pregnant the last week bc I was so distracted by all the suckage going on around me.  I am so ready for spring a n d to just throw the windows open and air out this sick house. I'm cooped up, grumpy and SO OVER the constant illness. I guess that's life with a kid?

Symptoms: Besides the awful stomach bug symptoms I really haven't noticed anything new this week.
Weight: I'm all the way down to 131. :( I couldn't hold any nutrients IN for a week and still my aversions are going strong. I know this will be an issue at my appointment on Tuesday.
Sleep: We have slept the week away. I've actually slept better this week than in a long time bc Sam had been sleeping well due to being sick. go figure.
Food Cravings: blah. the only thing I could tolerate this week was rotisserie chicken breast and baked potatoes. both with lots of salt (my electrolytes are obviously off) oh and Blue Gatorade
Best Moment this week: I got nothing.
Movement: Embarrassing enough, I only really feel baby after sexy time. Sorry for disturbing you in there, baby!
Labor signs: nope
Gender: Four more weeks til we find out!
Belly button: Back in now that I've lost do much weight
What do I miss: feeling healthy. not worrying whether any of us are relapse
What am I looking forward to: My appointment on Tuesday
Milestones: uh...first stomach virus with Sam. I could've skipped that one. I swear I still smell puke.
Weekly Wisdom: Don't breathe deeply when holding your vomiting child. Stay calm. Don't give in to the gag reflex. blahhh.  next week will be better, right? !

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