Sunday, May 18, 2014

Twenty Nine Weeks 2.0

I had my Holter monitor test this week. It was pretty anticlimactic getting it put on. Basically, they just stuck some electrode pads on me ("sensitive" ones this time since I still have marks that look like burns from the ones in the ER). I was given a sweet beeper sized box to wear on my pants and told to press the button and record what I was doing if I started feeling bad.

I had to wear it for 24 hours and in that amount of time I had 4 episodes. None were horrible but enough to make m feel woozy and my heart pounding. My HR was between 104-120 during them so hopefully that provides enough evidence of the SVT that they put me on the beta blockers. I just want to feel normal again and keep up with Sam without passing out!

I had to drive all the way downtown to turn the monitor in so I was waiting in the parking lot for my 24 hours to be u p. I ripped those electrodes off SO fast! omg I was miserable bc they were so itchy! Despite being the sensitive pads I still apparently am allergic to the glue or something. Nursing Sam was also interesting with them on. he actually did pretty good and didn't try to pull on the wires. He did keep touching them and saying, "doctor?" so cute.

Symptoms: Minus all the heart drama, I actually don't feel too bad this week! Leg cramps and heartburn at night are my main complaints
Weight: up to 145.5-146...which means, I've FINALLY hit the 10 lb mark at 29 weeks! woo!
Sleep: I want it all the time but it's usually not great
Food Cravings: the biggest craving of my pregnancy by FAR, honey nut cheerios and MILK! I am normally not a milk person as it kills my stomach but it doesn't seem to be bothering me. I noticed my milk craving when I would catch myself taking swigs out of Sam's sippy before putting the lid on. haha! he drinks expensive organic whole milk and it is so creamy and sweet!
Best Moment this week: getting that damn heart monitor off.
Movement: so so much. my whole belly wobbles
Labor signs: nope
Gender: boy
Belly button: out
What do I miss: feeling normal and having energy!
What am I looking forward to: hearing the results of my holter and hopefully getting some relief
Milestones: ten lbs gained! that's a milestone for me!

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