Sunday, May 11, 2014

Twenty Eight Weeks 2.0

Thankfully, I haven't had any more heart issues since last week...although a few times I started to feel the warning signs but I was able to ward them off with water and rest.

I cut out caffeine completely since the last episode (even though I wasn't drinking much...maybe a coke a week?) but I swear those worst times were after I drank a coke. I'm not sure if that is what the culprit was but I do feel a bit better!

i had a follow up with my pcp and she seemed legitimately concerned. She ran another EKG on me in office and TONS of bloodwork for literally everything: electrolyes, potassium, thyroid levels and even an accidental lipid test for cholesterol which came back super high. I freaked out at first but then I called and was told it was an accident and that they never test a pregnant woman's cholesterol bc it gets high naturally during pregnancy and nursing. ACK.

Anyway, I was "diagnosed" with SVT: super ventricular tachycardia. Basically my heart is beating too fast.  duh. but we still don't know why. My resting heart rate seems to sit right around 100 which is right on the border of high, she said. I still have to set up my appointment to be fitted for my holter monitor. Things have just been so busy! They're hoping to be able to catch an episode with the monitor but I'm under instructions you're get to the ER ASAP if it happens again so they can see it in action. yay.

This week we also had Sam's two year appointment and mother's day! We actually celebrated on Saturday when the weather was still nice (it's been snowing all day today! boo! ) We took Sam to the Railroad Museum which is just a giant train yard basically. It was a blast and he was in heaven. Holy cow though, all that walking had my belly super hard and tight.

Tomorrow is my 28 week ob appointment and I have to take Sam with me. we shall see how that goes. We've been to the stupid Dr/hospital so much in the last two weeks between him and me that he is so over it. And so am I!

I haven't gained any weight this month and.I feel like my belly is a different shape every day depending what baby is doing in there!

Symptoms: ongoing nausea episodes every day, back psin and leg cramps, heartburn, lots of bh contractions! 

Weight: still hanging right around 143-144 on my home scale. Thats 7-8 lbs overall 

Sleep: meh. 

Food Cravings: this week it was corn on the cob! its not even good corn season yet but i HAD to hsve it. i bought 4 cobs and ate them all by myself this week! oh, and! apple slices with caramel dip! yum! 

Best Moment this week: Mother's day with my boys. :)

Movement: this baby is Nuts! As hes getting bigger his movement hurts more. Giant, belly shaking wobbles, twists, punches and kicks. hes super active at night or whenever im layi down. ive also had these strange fast, vibrations sometimes. i read that its bc the nerves aren't fullt developed so they twitch? It feels so weird

Labor signs: just strong bh sometimes 

Gender: boy! 

Belly button: out, especially when i laugh or cough! 

What do I miss: being able to bend easily or get up off the floor! 

What am I looking forward to: my appointment and maybe getting some baby gear finally 

Milestones: officially in third tri now! 

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