Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thirty Eight Weeks 2.0

Well, here's a post I never knew if I would be making! I actually feel pretty great pregnancy wise. Emotionally, I am irritable as hell this week. It feels like PMS on steroids! Sadly a large part of that comes from always feeling like I do everything for Sam all the time. Normally I love the close, attached relationship we have but this week I've been more like, "ahhh stop touching me/whining at me/ clinging to Meeeee!!!!"

I feel terrible about it but it must just be bc I am so pregnant that some personal space would be appreciated. Too bad toddlers (especially boys their mommas ) don't really understand that.

Truthfully, I don't feel nearly as uncomfortable as I did at the end with Sam. It must be the fact that I am.not hefting around the 50 extra lbs I was with him (30 me, the rest baby weight). I guess my biggest complaint is the not knowing! I hate surprises and it's freaking this control freak out not knowing exactly when this baby will arrive. This goes along with my irritability of feeling like a mostly single parent, but I have a small confession to make. I kind of cannot wait to go have this baby bc I will be sending josh home to Sam afterwards. And in some way I feel like it will be a small vacation for me. Sure, I'll have a newborn but I'll also have some peace and quiet and alone time. I'm almost dying for it. Selfishly, I also cannot WAIT for josh to actually have to deal with Sam for more than an hour at a time. Maybe afterwards, I won't be taken for granted as much.

Bah. See? Told you. Irritable as hell.

Symptoms: besides being cranky as all hell, I've mostly just been hot. A little woozy sometimes. I can't sleep at all bc I can never seem to get comfortable
Weight: hovering right around 21 lbs. Can't complain about that.
Sleep: horrible. And I am.sure that's not helping me and my pissy attitude
Food Cravings: just crushed ice! Oh and milk duds randomly this week which is so weird bc I don't even like milk duds.
Best Moment this week: making it past the point I did with Sam!
Movement: much less frequent but still pretty often and strong.
Labor signs: actually, I've had some cramping or contractions every day for a week or so. One night they were pretty painful and the next morning my belly seemed much lower so I think baby finally dropped.

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