Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thirty Nine Weeks 2.0


One week til baby boy is due and no real signs that he will be out before then! The waiting game is frustrating and surreal but I actually feel fine!

I had a very awkward heart ultrasound done last week to make sure my heart was okay for labor. Everything looked fine and so whatever has been going on with my heart is officially pregnancy related and SHOULD go away after delivery. Great news! I m now free to deliver however I choose.

The most common comment I've been getting lately is how small I am. Or how there's no way I'm 9 months pregnant bc I don't seem to be uncomfortable yet. It really is weird. I felt awful and miserable with Sam. With this one, I feel great! The only bad part has been not knowing if baby is head down. Sometimes he definitely is, sometimes not. And he seemed to be dropped last week when I had lots of contractions but this week he seems high again and I've only had sporadic pain. Strange!

Symptoms: heartburn at night. Lots of hot flashes and nausea again but I've learned to live with it. Much more energy actually! I'm definitely still more easily annoyed though :p
Weight: up 22 lbs. Not too shabby!
Sleep: meh, not great but I haven't slept well in years.
Food Cravings: rice chex! That's all I want. Sam likes to share. :)
Best Moment this week: hearing that I look great is always nice and I'm SO relieved my heart is not broken.
Movement: so much less often but much more violent and painful when it DOES happen! Sometimes I have to pause and think, "hmm when did I last feel baby?"
Labor signs: just lotttttts of yucky discharge, a throbbing and achy pain down low and some random period like cramps. Nothing timeable this week. Now we just wait for little man to decide to join us! I actually can't wait to meet him. Its been a difficult pregnancy up til the very end and I just want him HERE so we can get back to life without always waiting for something to happen.

I feel like my belly looks so different depending on clothes, time of day, here's a clothed pic and a naked belly pic.

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