Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thirty Seven Weeks 2.0

Whewwww! We made it! I've never been more pregnant than I am now!

Besides feeling tired and hot, I actually feel pretty great for the first time this entire pregnancy. Sure, I'm uncomfortable sometimes but mostly I think I can keep hanging in there til baby is ready.

At my 36 week appointment, I was measuring about two weeks behind so I am determined to let this baby cook as long as possible. I don't go back til 38 weeks bc otherwise, everything was looking boring with me! My bp is great, weight is great, no dilation at that point, etc.

On Friday night, I was woken up at like 1 am with painful but irregular contractions. They kept me up a few hours but never became timeable so I basically just told my husband and my mom to be ready in case that was the day. It obviously wasn't but I've been crampy every day since then...they just feel like menstrual cramps but are never regular. I'm pretty sure it's just super early labor! So different from my experience with Sam. 

I'm so grateful for this final burst of energy/feeling good bc our house is cleaned and ready and I've been able to really focus on having fun with Sam again these last few weeks. Now it's jut a waiting game! I'm not sure if this will be an August baby or not!

Symptoms: really nauseous again but otherwise feeling okay! Just hot!
Weight: still hanging in at 157 which is exactly 20 lbs up (and ironically my starting weight when I was pregnant with Sam if you can believe it! )
Sleep: not great. I just can't seem to get comfy, I'm always hot, etc. But I do love my daily naps with Sam! I'm gonna miss those!
Food Cravings: crushed ice is the biggest. I go through like six cups a day! Nothing sounds good to eat...but I do still love blue Gatorade, lemonade and cranberry juice!
Best Moment this week: we had a great BBQ on Sunday for my Mother in law. Sam was so cute playing with his cousins all day AND it was nice to just be social outside in the beautiful weather.
Movement: much less than he was moving but he still gives me some good bumps and rolls here and there. I think he's running out of room!
Labor signs: just cramps...and lots of discharge but I don't know if that counts.

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