Sunday, July 6, 2014

Thirty Six Weeks 2.0

Well here we are...the last hump! I think I'm finally calm. All the baby gear is out and ready. The carseat is installed. Sam is starting to talk about the baby and show me the baby's stuff, like diapers and the bed.

He has dropped all nursing sessions except right at bedtime and nap. And those last about a minute...just long enough for him to drop off to sleep.

The thing I'm feeling most of right now is this odd sense of limbo. I am so ready for this baby to come. In a sense, I feel like it'll be any minute bc Sam came so early. But then I know in my head that it could still be another MONTH. The not knowing is driving me crazy. I feel like a ticking time bomb. I'm nervous to go do anything with Sam bc I'm scared I'll go into hard fast labor suddenly. Obviously I'm not going to hide away but it is crazy not knowing when it's going to be.

My 35 week appointment was eventful for sure! I got an ultrasound to check if little dude was head down. Because of my rib pain last week they were worried. While he was wedged sideways last week, he seems to have turned head down now though his head is floating and still not "engaged". My cervix was high and tightly closed. So it seems he's rather comfy in there. The biggest surprise came with the strep b swab. I was expecting a swab around the general vicinity of vag and bum like I had with Sam...nope, homeboy went ALL in the butt. I nearly jumped off the damn table! Ouch!

The 4th of July (our last big milestone even before baby!) Was nice and simple this year. We just hung out
Bbqed, went to the mall parking lot for fireworks and had a good weekend playing in the pool out back and soaking up summer. I've been miserable and hot but I suppose that's to be expected.

Josh broke my hall mirror (just the bad luck! ) this week so ita a bathroom selfie again. You can tell baby shifted bc my belly isnt quite so high and straight out as it was last week. I get the funniest looks out in public, like people expect my water to break at any moment. Lol. So i must look pretty huge. I am suddenly a little emotional about my belly and i hold it and check myself out in the mirror all the time. This is the last time i will ever have a baby growing inside me! I feel like my belly is so cute this time i might actually miss it when its gone! I AM ready for my energy, appetite and ability to breathe to come back though! 

Symptoms: insomnia is the biggest right now. Too much racing thoughts to sleep and then when I can I'm awoken by horrendous acid reflux. Rib pain and sore spots in my belly. Irritability and being super emotional! Nausea, headaches, dizziness. Phew!
Weight: I have FINALLY reached the 20 lb mark at 36 weeks. I knew it'd catch up eventually. I've been eating so sparsely that I know the weight is baby and not me!
Sleep: bah. See above.
Food Cravings: watermelon. Lemonade. Gatorade. Crushed ice. That's about it!
Best Moment this week: the 4th! Its my favorite holiday!
Movement: while he hasn't slowed down a lot, the movements are much less kicky and more like wiggling or settling in to get comfy. I also SWEAR I've SEEN and felt baby sucking his thumb or something in there.
Labor signs: actually not much besides random crampy moments

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