Monday, April 9, 2012

35 Weeks!

Ah! Another crazy, chaotic week down...and now we have exactly a month until Peanut is due to arrive in the world. My doctor says it best, "at this point, whenever he decides to arrive is his "due date"'s completely up to him." Everyone in the world seems to want to speculate on when this baby is going to make his appearance. A common opinion is that I won't even make it until May...I don't know if that is people's polite way of saying that I'm huge or what, but it's starting to rub me the wrong way (as is everything lately).

Easter weekend was fun. We spent it in beautiful Colorado Springs with my mom's fiance and his family. It was nice to have one last "adult holiday" before this little one arrives. I just got to sit out on the patio outside all day in the beautiful sunshine and I even got some color on my arms. Everyone was drinking adult beverages except I had a moment of jealousy but it was a good day.

On the drive home, we got into a deep conversation about circumcision. This is the first real "parenting decision" that I've been faced with and it has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. We had a good talk about it and it was nice to hear a concrete opinion from Josh on something. That led into a late night conversation about all the "big issues" such as baptism, religion, morals, spanking, discipline, etc. I love that man so much and it is so nice to know that at the end of the day, we stand on the same solid ground as far as most of these issues. What we don't agree on, we can always find a compromise on. We just work that way. I feel so confident going into this parenting experience because I know he is a good man and will be a wonderful father.

Here's my 35 week belly, which is making life more uncomfortable and difficult by the day!

Bump Update:
How far along: 35 Weeks (3 days technically, since I'm writing this on Monday...oops!) 31 days to go!
How big is baby:He's probably reached his full length at around 17-18 inches and if the 1/2 pound a week gain is to be believed, he is probably around 5 or 5.5 pounds right now!
Weight Gain: I haven't stepped on a scale in about 2 weeks but I'm going to guess right around 23 pounds total.
Best moment of the week: Having the parenting talk with Josh and getting all of our baby stuff set up and put away.
Food cravings:  ICE! I need to talk to my doctor about this because craving ice can be a sign of iron deficiency which we already know I have...I've been wanting to do nothing but crunch, crunch, crunch on ice cubes. I've also been loving lime popsicles and frozen lemonade.
Food aversions: Warm food as always...but things have also been tasting funny to me this week. Everyone else says it tastes fine, so it must just be a pregnancy thing (or I've ruined my taste buds with all the frozen and citrusy things!)
Symptoms: Lately, the biggest one has just been exhaustion. I guess that's to be expected after 20 weeks of insomnia. Last night, I slept through the night for the first time in weeks without peeing because I was just so overtired. I slept a good 9 hours and still feel like crawling back into bed. This big belly has been so in my way lately. Picking things up off the floor is just entirely too difficult. And I don't know which way Peanut is turned right now, but I think he's settled in a little lower because the pelvic pain and pressure is ridiculous...yesterday I couldn't put any weight on my tailbone or I'd get a shock of pain. Fun!
Movement: They say that the bigger baby gets, the more decreased their movement is but that is simply not the case with my child. He NEVER stops moving. He wiggles, rolls, kicks, punches and thumps pretty much all day every day.
What I’m looking forward to: My last day of work is this Wednesday! I didn't want to stop working this early, but with how exhausted I've been lately...I can't say that I am really upset about it anymore. It'll be nice to have some free time to really whip our place into gear so that whenever Peanut decides to make his appearance we are not scrambling around trying to clean things up in order to bring him home.
What I miss:  A stretch mark free belly! It finally happened at 35 weeks pregnant, I have two tiny red stretch marks way down low on my belly...I know it's to be expected as my belly is stretched to the max but I really thought I was going to get lucky and have none! Boo!!!

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