Sunday, April 15, 2012

36 Weeks!


Oh my goodness, I swear I have never felt this amount of exhaustion in my entire LIFE! I swear, I hit 36 weeks and my body literally just started falling apart. I've been uncomfortable up til now at times of course, but something has shifted in the past couple days and I've had more than one moment of being on the brink of tears and saying, "I don't think I can do this anymore!"

In the last few days,I cannot get comfortable EVER. My belly feels like it is about to rip open from pressure and stretching. I think my child is completely out of room in there because every move he makes is soooo painful. I have no idea how he's positioned in there right now but it hurts everywhere. I know he's dropped a little more because the pelvic pain and pressure is unreal. Getting up from the couch, rolling over in bed or even spreading my legs a little too far to cross them or something is absolutely excruciating. Maybe everyone feels overwhelmed at this point in pregnancy, but I can honestly say right now, this baby can come whenever he wants...I'm over this part.

I don't want to sound like I don't know how much of a blessing this is, because I do. And I am so thankful for it. And I would do it again a million times over to get to hold this baby in my arms. I now know that pregnancy is not easy.

Other than the painful body going on, it has been a great week. I finished my last day of work on Wednesday, and despite some tears about the changes that life is going to take, I know it was the right decision. I cannot wait to actually have a reason to stay home.

Josh and I had the opportunity on Saturday to take Peanut to his "first" Major League Baseball game. With Josh being the baseball guy he is, this child is sure to experience baseball to the fullest throughout his childhood. I'm a romantic, so the idea of being able to tell him one day that his first game was while he was still in his mommy's tummy was too good to pass up.

{happy us, nice and dry...for the time being}

Unfortunately, it was the worst weather ever! It was drizzling/pouring/misting freezing cold rain off and on the entire time. Thankfully, we had amazing seats up in club level, so we were able to go inside the heated lounge area to warm up during the hour long rain delay. The Rockies were down 4-6 in the 7th inning and we were not feeling too hopeful. Slowly though, they built up their momentum through some awesome hitting by a couple rookie players and the score was then 6-7 at the bottom of the 9th with the Rockies up to bat.

{Pulling out the tarps for the rain delay, you can see how empty the stadium was!}

It was almost out of a movie, the rain started coming down in absolute sheets...we had a guy on first with 2 outs and Todd Helton (Josh's hero!) was up to bat. We were probably only there with about 400 people at that point...all the smart ones had left already! Everyone that was still there was on their feet and screaming...and with a full count, Todd Helton hit a 2 run, walk-off home run that stayed fair by inches. I forgot I was pregnant for a second and was jumping and screaming all over like a maniac. Josh actually fell to his knees in the aisle screaming. It was hilarious, exhilarating and such a perfect story to be able to tell our little boy someday. [Josh may or may not be incredibly tempted to change our son's potential name to Todd at this point]

{Sad us, wet and cold...but right before the amazing moment!}

Annnnnnnnnyway. Here's my 36 week heavy belly:

Bump Update:
How far along: 36 Weeks, 26 days left to go!
How big is baby: We'll know for sure after our appointment tomorrow, but probably around 17.5 inches and 5.5-6 pounds...and I can feel every ounce of that.
Weight Gain: Again, I'll know for sure after my appointment, but I would be willing to bet I'm lingering around the 25 pound mark right now. It's funny how my attitude has shifted about this weight gain thing. Before, I was so obsessed about every little pound...but now, I just don't care! I have less than a month to go...whatever is going to come will come and there is really nothing I can do to stop it. Bring it on.
Best moment of the week: Of course, the epic ballgame I spoke about above!
Food cravings:  More ice. More lemonade. Oranges. Cold things. Oh, and sweet tarts. My poor mouth was torn up from eating so many of those sour candies one day this week!
Food aversions: Anything that isn't cold...but I did have a hot dog at the ball game and that seemed to go down fine, so maybe that's the exception to my rule!
Symptoms: Pain, pain, pain. Difficulty breathing and moving. Peeing even more than usual. Ya know...good times.
Movement: Still intense, constant and more painful than ever. He's been getting hiccups more and more lately which is odd. I always feel them right around 8:00 pm practically in my right hip. I am going to assume that means this little stinker still has not flipped head down but we shall see...
What I’m looking forward to: My doctor's appointment. Somehow, I haven't been in over 2 weeks. I usually go on Thursdays, but my doctor wants Josh there for the remainder of my appointments (to talk about labor/our concerns/etc) and he has Mondays off so we had to wait! I always love hearing his heartbeat and talking about how he's doing in there!
What I miss:  Not being such a flipping whiner. I hate complaining and I do try to keep it to a minimum...which is partially why I have this blog, to vent. But I would love a day where I feel fantastic for once.

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