Monday, April 2, 2012

34 Weeks!

I am a little late posting this because it's been such a chaotic few days! Thankfully, it was a good kind of chaotic though...I am just now getting a chance to sit down and unwind from it all.

After putting my notice in at work, I've spent my last few days training my replacement. It's funny how everything I'm teaching her is so I can leave! It just makes my shifts a little more strenuous than usual...I have such a routine at work that I'm used to so remembering to slow down and let her take the reins is hard for me sometimes. I am also learning that being pregnant depletes my patience stores by a LOT. I've spent most of my working life training new employees in the retail world and I've never been so annoyed. This girl is doing just fine...I just don't have the patience I used to!

My wonderful, amazing, perfect baby shower was on Sunday and I will write a separate post about it because it deserves it, but suffice it to say that it was an awesome day and I am so thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful mother who put it all together. I am also so lucky and loved by many amazing people...I cannot wait til our son sees just how much he is loved already. I got to wear super cute shoes which made me feel pretty for the first time in awhile and Josh, Peanut and I got completely spoiled. It was such a relief to finally have some baby stuff to take home and put away. I think we can have him now!

Today, Josh and I took our gift cards and some gift money and bought the rest of the things we felt like we needed, including our new travel system (stroller, car seat). Josh got right to work putting it together when we got home and after strolling around our apartment with an empty stroller for a few minutes, he stopped and said, "whoa...we have a stroller. This is so REAL now!" It's been real for me for awhile now (hello bouncing basketball belly) but this was the first moment that Josh really paused for a minute and it hit him that we're having a son...SOON!

Here's my 34 week belly all dressed up for my shower on Sunday before I did my hair:

Bump Update:
How far along: 34 weeks! 39 days left and (really scary!) only 19 days left until I am technically full term at 37 weeks!
How big is baby:According to my doctor, he's probably around 4.5 pounds and around 16-17 inches. Based on my belly, I think she's probably right...he's getting so heavy in there and taking up so much room! He's been moving around under my ribs all weekend which is painful, but it makes me hopeful that perhaps he has flipped finally.
Weight Gain: I finally broke the 20 pound barrier at my appointment on Thursday. I was close to that at one point, then somehow dropped a few pounds a couple weeks ago and now I'm back to it! If I gain a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy, I'll end up around 26 pounds gained which is about as perfect as you can ask for! At this point, I'm no longer freaking doctor told me in these last weeks, half of everything you gain goes directly to baby and the other half is all the increase in blood/fluid volume.
Best moment of the week: My baby shower! I cannot wait to upload all the pictures and share them. My mom did the most amazing job, she should really be a party planner. She is so creative and all the details of my shower were so adorable and perfect.
Food cravings:  Nothing new this week actually. I'm still loving fruity flavored things: laffy taffy and of course lemonade have been my favorites.
Food aversions: Warm food still. I have no desire to actually eat a hot meal. I am all about summery, cool things like sandwiches, pasta salad, salad, raw veggies, etc.
Symptoms: The crotch pain, the rib pain and the insomnia continue. I've also noticed I get so out of breath so easily. This kid is really crowding my lung space!
Movement: The movements this week are as steady as always but getting stronger by the day!
What I’m looking forward to: My next appointment isn't until April 16th (36 weeks) but we'll get to find out then if Peanut has finally flipped himself around. I sincerely hope he has. I really don't want to hear about things like C-sections or baby turning "versions". Keep your fingers crossed that he's figured out how to get locked and loaded in there.
What I miss:  Sleep! Uninterrupted, long sleep. I realize I probably will not sleep through the night for the next few years, I guess I'm just getting my practice in now. 

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