Monday, April 23, 2012

37 Week Appointment

I had my 37 week appointment today and everything went well! I had a male med student tagging along with my doctor today and that always makes for an entertaining appointment. He was a cute, young guy and seemed *so* nervous! His hands were shaking as he measured my belly...I can't stop thinking how funny it is that he deals with pregnant women all day and he is so nervous about it.

I mentioned my swollen ankles and my "cramps" and he didn't seem too concerned although he asked me if I could time the cramps. I told him no because I really couldn't tell when they started and stopped. He stayed and chatted with me for a moment and then went and got my doctor.

Apparently, I've somehow lost two pounds in the last week...which considering the nausea I've been having lately, I guess that's not that unusual. So now I'm back at 23 pounds gained total. Whatever! My blood pressure was a little higher than normal: 118/ I was a little worried about that too. My doctor checked my ankles and feet and said she thought they looked absolutely fine (so even though they look puffy to me, she didn't see an issue). She then did the little knee reflex test and apparently I passed because she said I had no signs of "hypertension"

When she asked me about my "cramps" she said that it could just be stretching or more likely Braxton Hicks/practice contractions. Then they had me lay back and put the doppler on my stomach. Peanut it still head down (yay!) and she says he has indeed dropped a little further into my pelvis which is good. She winked at me and said, "but that doesn't mean you're going to go into labor today!" As she was squirting the ultrasound gel on my belly she asked me if I was feeling crampy, which I was. Then she said, "sweetheart...that's a contraction!" So apparently, I am *that* girl...who has contractions and doesn't know. She said that the uterus is just really active in the last few weeks of pregnancy and that I would definitely know when the contractions were real. She also told me what I thought was the baby pressing out was contractions too! I am just laughing because I had no idea. Baby's heart rate sounded good and I'm still measuring 37 cm which is right on growth from last week but she said that could be because he's dropped down.

It was a quick and simple appointment and next week I'll have my first cervical check. This is all coming up so fast. This is unrelated but after my appointment I ran to the store and some random girl shouted across the entrance at me, "omg! That baby is going to appear any moment!" I just laughed and said, "I hope not" but people are sooooooooo strange!

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