Saturday, March 1, 2014

Eighteen Weeks 2.0

Ugh. This pregnancy is really messing with my IBS and anxiety. NOT a good mix. I either am severely constipated or having diarrhea. There is no middle ground. I've also been having days where I feel like I have to go but am passing nothing but mucus. yuck. It doesn't help me want to eat anything that's for sure.

At this point, I have major anxiety about leaving the house bc I never know what my stomach is going to do. The thought of having to run to a bathroom in public with a toddler gives me panic attacks. The anxiety doesn't help the stomach issues either. Its an obviously vicious cycle.

We also had kind of a dramatic week when I had to take Sam to the Dr bc he was holding his crotch and crying and saying, "hurt! " He ended up needing a catheter inserted to get a urine sample. I wanted to cry! Having to hold him down was so sad for me but he was brave and got through it and definitely peed allllllllll over the nurse for good measure. ;) All is well now.

I've definitely started to get more emotional lately. I took Sam to see his first movie in theaters on Thursday (after having to talk myself up for about three days) . We saw Frozen and I literally cried the entire movie. Just the first bars of music were enough to set me off. Oh man. The good news is Sam had fun and was so good. We had the whole theater to ourselves and he sat and munched popcorn, nursed and cuddled in my lap and walked around a little but overall he was very enthralled by the movie.

Symptoms: zits! digestive distress. dizziness and blackout episodes when I stand up.
Weight: Still at 133ish. I am really struggling to want to eat anything bc it all comes out in a not pleasant way.
Sleep: Meh. I really need to sleep off my back as I get so dizzy and loopy if I do. My belly is also feeling heavy and pulling when I lay on my sides so I basically can't get comfortable already
Food Cravings: Bleh. Basically just liking string cheese and blue Gatorade and kool aid lately.
Best Moment this week: Besides my movie with Sam, he lifted my shirt up and kissed my belly and rubbed it and said, "baby! " so.cute!
Movement: Not as active as last week but definitely feeling thumps pretty regularly, usually to the right and below my belly button . Especially when I have a full bladder!
Labor signs: nope
Gender: two more weeks! I want to know NOWWWW!
Belly button: out on top most the time.
What do I miss: Feeling like I can go about my daily life without having bathroom issues.
What am I looking forward to: Next appointment and finding out boy or girl!

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