Monday, April 21, 2014

Twenty Five Weeks 2.0

Thankfully after the miserable week I had last week, I've felt much better this week so far. We had a busy but fun Easter and now I have this week to get Sam's party pulled together!

The weather has been beautiful and it improves my mood greatly. Sam and I spend most of our time outside and I LOVE IT!

In really exciting news, baby P2 seriously popped this week.  Not just up from my pelvis but straight out! I finally have the cute beach ball belly I've been waiting for! I can't believe next month I'll already be in my 7th month! We had better start prepping for baby!

Symptoms: Much more pressure in the vag area than before. I think baby is head down. Some rib pain. Reflux, headaches, tiredness. good stuff!
Weight: 142! we obviously had a growth spurt!
Sleep: meh. When Sam sleeps better, so do I. I've still been so tired I usually lay down and nap with him every day!
Food Cravings: Nothing I can think of except super cold water and cranberry juice still.
Best Moment this week: Easter festivities with my sweet family. Sam loved running around hunting eggs.
Movement: Not as frantic and constant as it was but still lots of movements and harder jerkier ones.
Labor signs: no although my belly tightens up pretty regularly if I'm running around.
Gender: boy!
Belly button: definitely popped most of the time!
What do I miss: being able to go,go,go without tons of hip and back pain.
What am I looking forward to: Sam's party!
Milestones: been getting lots of stranger comments lately. I'm definitely to that unmistakable stage.
Weekly Wisdom: Always tell a pregnant lady she looks little still. Best thing ever. some of Josh's relatives said they were expecting me to be much bigger by now. lol

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