Thursday, April 17, 2014

Well, this sucks.

I am sitting up in bed at 12:27 am, despite being absolutely exhausted bc this pregnancy is kicking my ass.

I have been pretty badly nauseous since about Sunday. Like, the taking me on a trip down first tri memory lane kind of debilitating nausea. Then I chalked it up to nerves/anxiety about my glucose test the next day.

I was so proud of myself for going to that appointment, drinking that nasty drink, fighting the very strong urge to vomit and coming out unscathed. The thing is, even after it was over, I've continued to feel terrible. Lump in my throat, constant gaggy feeling, having to force myself to eat, gingerly sipping ice water and sucking on sour candy just to try to feel better for a few minutes. :(

I thought for a bit that I was coming down with something just bc the nausea is so intense when for weeks now, it has been present but liveable.

Well, it is now Wednesday night. Sam and I had a busy day driving 3 hours round trip to the springs for a zoo play date where we basically hiked up a mountain/walked five miles. I was EXHAUSTED when we got home. Poor Sam got to color and read books while I just sat on the couch in a zombie state.

Again, I'd been so nauseous all day. I'm sure I haven't eaten nearly enough in the last few days (which may be making the situation worse actually). I fought it though, despite the drive almost sending me over the edge a few times. We had fun but I felt awful by the time we got home. I drank a few sips of coke to see if that would help. it didn't. I ate an English muffin which didn't seem to help, though it stayed down. Josh came home, made himself dinner and I snacked on a small bowl of dry cereal...

And now I'm sitting here, straight up in bed bc I have burning acid creeping up my throat if I lay down. My belly is feeling tender and sore all over. My back and hips are aching. I should try some tums but I don't want to make myself puke.Baby is angrily thumping away which isn't helping the general uncomfortable feeling I'm having. And throughout all that, I keep having waves of gaggy nausea. I can't tell if the reflux is making me feel that way probs vice versa. I wish I could just go to sleep.

Sam and josh are cuddled up together, which is adorable. I know soon Sam will be stirring and wanting to nurse. I survived the a stomach bug/food poisoning once so far as a mother but never while pregnant so I'm fervently praying that is not what it is. it doesn't really feel like that...and it's lasted days. you'd think I would've gotten sick by now if I were going to.

bah. This is completely pathetic and whiny I know. I thought maybe writing it.out would help. so far, not so much.

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