Monday, April 7, 2014

Twenty Three Weeks 2.0

Another week down! And one week closer to viability. I've been really nervous lately bc I am so crampy a lot of the time. This baby is so far sitting pretty low compared to Sam so I just think my body (which was already weakened from my pregnancy with Sam) is just not as equipped to do this again without complaining.

The other concern I've had is the BH contractions I'm already getting. Especially after running after Sam or walking around a lot. Nothing painful, just that uncomfortable super hard and tight tummy feeling. They go away when I sit and rest but wow, I feel like this is early for those to start!

I'm also experiencing my very least favorite part of pregnancy again: people and their unfiltered comments about my body. The general consensus is that I look "huge already", that "this baby is super low" and that "if I'm this big at ONLY 23 weeks, imagine how huge I'll be at the end" EYEROLL. I am trying not to take it too personally. Sure my belly looks lower but I think it might have to do with the fact that I'm 25 lbs lighter this time than I was with Sam so I just looked more popped up top with him at this point. I've only gained 3 lbs so I'm not really tripping about that huge thing. Again, I'm skinnier this time so I think the belly looks bigger in relation to the rest of me. Sigh.

Symptoms: The usual. nausea, exhaustion, feeling faint especially after sugar, heartburn and reflux, back pain, sciatic pain, cramps and bh contractions.
Weight: 139 ish depending on the day.
Sleep: meh, the obstacle this week has been reflux. and Sam. as usual.
Food Cravings: cranberry juice all day every day! Also buttered, toasted English muffins
Best Moment this week: I was trying to make Josh feel this fish of a baby and right as I put his hand on my belly, baby jabbed a knee or elbow out. Josh FREAKED out! I was laughing so hard. He said it was just like an alien in there.
Movement: tons. see above.
Labor signs: nope.
Gender: boy!
Belly button: pretty flat
What do I miss: people not judging my body...or at least not out loud.
What am I looking forward to: next weeks appointment just to talk some things through. I really am NOT looking forward to the glucose test though
Milestones: josh feeling baby, bh contractions starting

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  1. You look ADORABLE! You are not huge anywhere! Yes the bump is lower (that happens the second time around - duh!). You look skinny, skinny, skinny!! I am so excited for the new little one!