Sunday, April 27, 2014

Twenty Six Weeks 2.0

Another week down! This is going crazy fast. I think bc we have been so busy the last month or so.

I'm still feeling like ass most of the time. Actually, from wake up until about 2 pm, I feel pretty good. I have energy, a little bit of an appetite and can usually get lots accomplished. But then the afternoon rolls around and the icky starts: the nausea creeps up, the dizziness and exhaustion starts and if I manage t make and eat a little dinner, I basically cry from heartburn the rest of the night. I typically am in bed and sleeping with Sam by 9 pm every day!

I feel like I never really see or spend time with Josh bc I am so tired! He gets home from work, we eat dinner, do bath and play with Sam and then we go to bed. its honestly survival mode at this point. Sam is usually up at 2-3 am for a couple hours being restless and ridiculous so I have to get some good sleep before that. After, I am just not ever able to get comfy and fall back to sleep easily. SIGH.

Anyway, we had Sam's bday party this weekend and it was crazy, chaotic, stressful but super fun. The field behind our street caught fire right as the party started so that created some extra excitement. I was on my feet literally ALL day and by the end of the night I wanted to collapse! My feet, back, hips and vag were all aching. I took a hot bath and fell right asleep.

I really popped this last week. Of course baby being bigger means I'm more uncomfortable though! My lower abdomen pretty much always aches like a period cramp. It is crazy.

Symptoms: Besides all I complained about above you mean? haha.
Weight: I'm up to 143! That means I've gained 7 lbs so far. no turning back now!
Sleep: good til 2-3 am depending on Sam. I'm so exhausted lately I am out once I hit the pillow
Food Cravings: toasted English muffins with peanut butter and super cold cranberry juice. this one has been hanging on for awhile. Also, watermelon!
Best Moment this week: Sam's party! It was a great day and exactly what I wanted for my sweet baby. I can't believe he's going to be TWO already!
Movement: so much. My stomach contorts crazily now as the baby stretches and rolls. It freaks josh out which I find hilarious.
Labor signs: I'm having more and more BH contractions during the day. Nothing too painful, just super tight belly.
Gender: boy
Belly button: basically popped.
What do I miss: feeling comfortable and not sick!
What am I looking forward to: Sam's birthday!
Milestones: I started producing colostrum this week! I can feel let downs sometimes and have clear sticky discharge. I thought it would freak Sam out but so far he hasn't seemed to notice. I'm glad to know the boobies know what they're doing again!

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