Sunday, April 13, 2014

Twenty Four Weeks 2.0

Phew! We made it to viability! I saw a news story the other day about a baby born at 24 weeks and it just astounded me what a little tiny miracle she was. Although she was tiny, she was still a perfect little baby. I am still having trouble grasping that something that size is in my belly right now!

Something interesting happened to me this week: I felt baby flip. Up til now I'm pretty sure he was transverse like Sam always was, with his head in my right hip. That is partially why I think my belly looked so low. Well, after a really trying day of tummy troubles, the poor baby was ANGRY! I guess he was sick of being squeezed and listening to crazy tummy noises. He was giving giant, painful kicks and pushes and then. ..boom, I felt a super painful twist and almost instant relief of pressure near my cervix and instant onset of pressure near my ribs. Since then, all the baby movements have been at my belly button or higher which leads me to believe his head is down. We will see tomorrow at my appointment!

Sam never stayed head down for long bc I don't have much room! I am having so much rib and back pain that I never felt with Sam now.  Poor baby is probably squished in there! Anyway, my belly looks and feels much higher!

Symptoms: The usuals plus rib and back pain this week.  Lots of dizziness this week too.
Weight: 140 for better or for worse. That's a barrier I wasn't looking forward to breaking but here we are. That puts me up 4 total. We will see what the Dr says about that tomorrow
Sleep: Horrible as usual. I'm exhausted and have been taking naps with Sam every day.
Food Cravings: nothing really new this week . Still loving buttered English muffins and super tart cranberry juice.
Best Moment this week: baby flipping! It brought new aches and pains but it was so cool to watch!
Movement: lots. But now everything is much higher than before.
Labor signs: nope though I do get a few BH contractions every day.
Gender: boy!
Belly button: sometimes flat, sometimes popped.
What do I miss: being able to sleep comfortably
What am I looking forward to: tomorrow's appointment! (Though not the glucose test part. ugh. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I failed...considering how scrappy sugar has made me feel)
Milestones: baby flipping, viability reached!
Weekly Wisdom: don't fight stubbornly against maternity underwear. Those things are a godsend. SO MUCH COMFIER

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