Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh, BOY!!!

We had a magical day today. It was my birthday and I got the most amazing present I could ever ask for at our anatomy scan. The whole thing felt like a whirlwind but here we are and I am so happy to say...

we are having a SON!!!!!!!!!

The appointment was routine enough. I really did not like our ultrasound tech. She was very bossy and her know-it-all attitude got to me pretty quickly. She was also not very thorough in explaining exactly what it was that she was doing. She printed us some pictures but did not label them the way the girl at our NT scan did but that was a little disappointing. Anyway, before we got started she asked us if we wanted to know the sex. We both emphatically told her yes. She quickly scanned through all the body parts, I guess just accounting for everything. Then she basically blurted out, "okay ready..there's a penis." And just like that...in one vulgar second, our lives changed forever.

Unlike our last ultrasound, our little Peanut was wiggling around like crazy in there! We saw HIM wave, blow bubbles, make kissy faces and at one point completely roll over. It was so odd seeing that happen because I did not feel a thing! He hid his face with his hands for a little while then showed us how flexible he is by stretching his toes all the way up by his face. The tech said Peanut is measuring exactly on track for our due date. He's 6.5 inches and a little chubbier than normal at 10 oz.

We had a follow up appointment with a new doctor in the practice afterwards. He is the one male doctor in the practice and he seems nice enough. He's older, kind of cheesy but whatever. He told me I was only up 4 pounds but did not say anything else about it so I guess he's not concerned. My blood pressure was a great 117/70 so they are not concerned about high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia at all which is good news. Peanut's little heart was beating nice and strong (though much slower than in the past!) at 146 beats per minute. The doctor said the normal range is 120-160 and that it slows down after about 12 weeks so that's right on track too.

Our original plan was to wait until Christmas for the big reveal, but once I heard the word "boy" I knew Josh would not be able to contain his excitement. We made several happy phone calls to his dad and mom and then went and bought a big bouquet of blue balloons to surprise my family with. We walked in the door holding them and my mom screamed! It was so much fun. Almost everyone was expecting a girl but this is such a fantastic surprise. Even though I must admit that I had a little moment of mourning over the pink, frilly girly things I'll be missing out on, the truth is I always wanted a boy first. That way, if I ever do have a little girl, she'll have a big brother just like I did.

We are keeping names to ourselves for the most part. I know our immediate families have a general idea but I am just not interested in hearing anyone else's opinions about it! Here's a couple pictures of our little BOY!

His cute little nose still gets me every time. Here, he was making kissy faces and puckering his little lips. You can also sort of make out his knees tucked up by his belly.

After the somersault, Peanut was face down for a little bit!

This one is kind of creepy because of the detail of the ultrasound and the baby's face but at one point, Peanut literally put up a number one sign for us!

A Perfect Little Foot!

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