Monday, December 5, 2011

17 Weeks!

All of a sudden, I feel like time is dragging and my attitude has switched from "whoa! I'm already 17 weeks!" to "oh my gosh, how am I only 17 weeks?!" I know the reason for this switch is the fact that our anatomy scan is in a couple weeks and I just cannot handle the wait!!! I know the time will probably fly because I have so much going on between now and then but as I sit here typing this, it feels like it is so far away!

I have been feeling great for the most part. The newest and most constant symptom is that I am always achy and sore in my low abdomen. It is obvious that this is from my belly stretching out but it is a little disconcerting. I have taken to constantly having a heating pad on when I am at home, which seems to help. Also, I have definitely popped out a little bit more. I have been getting comments. My favorite so far? From my dear brother who stated ever so lovingly, "whoa! Look at that belly! You're rocking the beer gut!" :) I love him but all I wanted to do was smack him! Lol.

It's true though, the belly has arrived. Mostly after eating it pops way out and my previously deep belly button is getting wider and wider. Not really that attractive. I like to wear tighter clothes to show off the bump but the wide open belly button is not that cute!

Here's the bump!

17 Week Bump Update:
How far along:  17 weeks!
How big is baby: This week, peanut is the size of a large yellow onion from root to tip. This is about 5 inches and 5.9 oz. Getting bigger all the time!
Total weight gain: I honestly have no clue! I haven't been to the doctor since 15 weeks and I have had a little appetite return since then. I'm hoping I put on a couple more pounds though I don't necessarily feel like I have.
Sleep: Still having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. When I DO fall asleep, I sleep really deeply and it is awesome, it's just getting there that's the issue.
Best moment of the week: Walking around the store with my mom I noticed that my bump was really lopsided! Peanut must have been hanging out on my right side or flipping around or something. We started prodding and poking and eventually my tummy was back to normal, but that was a strange reminder that there is really someONE growing in there!
Food cravings:  Lemon pasta. I have been wanting it sooooo bad and restaurants just don't make a plain garlicky, lemony pasta. Guess I'll have to make it myself!
Food aversions:  Nothing I can really thing of. Still struggling with nothing really sounding that great though.
Symptoms:  Abdominal aches, back pain, worse allergies, feet falling asleep! Feeling so full after just a few bites, to the point where I feel like I cannot breathe. Dizziness.
Movement:  I have actually felt less movement this last week but I am guessing that the placenta blocking baby is just getting thicker. I still feel the little flutters late at night after dinner but no big kicks yet, hopefully soon!
Gender:  Don't tell Josh, but I have been getting some serious girl vibes lately! I took a test recently called the Chinese Gender Predictor and it guesses the sex of the baby based on the mother's birth month and the month the baby was conceived. It said girl. I tested the theory by entering me, my brother and my sister and it was right all 3 times. Spooky!
What I’m looking forward to:  Still looking forward to that big baby kick. And a big pop! I have a little belly but nothing screaming pregnant yet.
What I miss: Putting my socks on/getting up off the ground easily. It sounds strange but with this hard little knot in my belly, it is getting harder to do simple things !
Next apt:  My birthday...16 days away!!! Go quickly days!

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