Monday, December 26, 2011

Half Baked! (Aka: 20 Weeks)

We had a wonderful Christmas full of family, food and of course running around. It was almost halfway through the day when I realized I was 20 weeks on Christmas day! Even though I got a lot of wonderful presents for Christmas, I was thrilled to get that one too. After that realization it was absolutely surreal to spend the rest of the day knowing that nect Christmas, we will have a seven month old son crawling around.

I got a lot of belly pats and touches because Peanut is definitely just making himself more and more known these days. I am still fighting through this stupid cold or sinus infection or something. I might actually bite the bullet and go to the doctor since it has been three weeks and I seem to feel worse than ever right now. Otherwise I feel okay, pretty exhausted from all the festivities of Christmas but nothing too crazy. The one weird thing that has been happening repeatedly is the feeling of passing out I've been getting. I only get it when I am standing up doing something and I have to sit down immediately. My arms feel heavy and tingly, my head starts pounding and I feel faint and a couple of times my vision has started to go black at the sides. When I sit and drink some water it clears quickly, but it still  kind of freaks me out. I know feeling lightheaded or dizzy is normal in pregnancy, but I am still going to have to make an appointment I think. It could be bad circulation, low blood sugar or even anemia. Who knows?!

Josh is absolutely going to be the best daddy ever. All weekend long, anytime anyone new walked in the door, he was already greeting them with our ultrasound pictures showing off our boy. Seeing him like that and interacting with our nieces and nephews just makes me completely relax about us as parents. He is going to be phenomenal. We got several new things for the baby for Christmas which just keeps making this all the more real. My mom surprised Josh with the cutest little sleeper outfit that is covered in footballs and says, "Daddy's Little MVP" on it. He was so cute when he opened it. I can tell he has so many wishes and dreams for our son and I know that boy will never be deprived of any vital childhood experience. When Josh and I talk about the future, we don't talk about money or furniture or what our baby will own...we find ourselves talking about all the things we will do with him, teach him and let him learn on his own. Josh keeps saying he can't wait til May but I'm already feeling the mommy tug of, "no! Let him stay in there a little longer!"

Somehow I ended up in the same shirt this week as last week for my bump picture. It's my pretty green Christmas sweater, I guess. Sometimes, I feel more chubby than pregnant but everyone keeps telling me that they can only see a baby chub.

19 Week Bump Update:
How far along:  20 weeks!
How big is baby: We have a cantaloupe baby in there and you can tell! Baby should be right about 6.5 inches from crown to rump still (at 22 weeks, they'll start measuring him from crown to toe!) and around 11 oz. Based on my last appointment, we were pretty close to that.
Total weight gain: Despite all my fears of the doctor's office scale, I have still only gained 4 pounds total. It looks like more when you see that belly, but numbers don't lie!
Sleep: I have finally gotten to the point where I pretty much have to stay on my side. If I wake up on my back, I am usually dizzy and nauseous and light headed.
Best moment of the week: Christmas! Seeing all of our big family and hearing all the excitement about the new grandbaby.   
Food cravings:  Still loving salad and water. (Ha Ha, that makes me sound a lot healthier than I really am.) Josh took me to sushi for my birthday and it was *so* good. I just like California Rolls (cooked crab meat, avocado, cucumber, rice) with lots of wasabi in my soy sauce. I could eat that like every day and be happy.
Food aversions:  The smell of onions has been getting to me lately, but only if it is really strong. Otherwise, nothing really...maybe I'm over that hump finally?
Symptoms:  Still fighting the cold so there's those. I already talked about the fainting feeling, charlie horses in my calves at night, lots of bloating which adds to the huge bump!
Movement:  We felt one big thump together on Christmas morning while we were still laying in bed. I felt Peanut squirming around so I put Josh's hand on my tummy and about an inch to the left and below my belly button was just a quick bump and it was over. I'm not fully convinced yet but it was the biggest thing I've felt so far!
Gender:  BOY!!!! Finally one answer I will know without a doubt the rest of this pregnancy! Yay!
What I’m looking forward to:  Getting out there with Josh and creating a baby registry. I am not even sure we'll have a shower, but it will be nice to have a compiled list of all the things we want and need to help us stay organized. Finding a nursery theme we agree on should be fun ;)
What I miss: Being able to sit on the floor and get up easily! It should not be this hard this early on but it really is!
Next apt:  January 17th I believe. I'll have to check. It's funny how the beginning of pregnancy is so exciting with so many big appointments to look forward to but then after the 20 week anatomy scan, there's really nothing too major coming up. Well, besides childbirth and all. :)

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