Thursday, March 29, 2012

34 Week Appointment and a Heart Attack

Today was just one of those that I should have stayed in bed. Nothing went right from the very start. I was supposed to have an appointment at 9:30 this morning. I drove all the way to my doctor's office downtown (about 30 minutes away) only to be told my doctor had just been called off to perform an emergency C-Section. Uhm, wha?? Is that not why you people have my phone number??? So you can let me know these things before I drive all the way down there?

Ugh. Anyway, they told me the next available appointment was at 1:30. In my head, I didn't want to drive alllllllll the way back home to turn around and come back so I figured I could kill time down in that part of town. I actually treated myself to an hour long, amazing pedicure. The girl did such a good job, she must have taken pity on the poor pregnant girl who can no longer reach her toes! I got a great ankle/foot/calf massage and she said she was impressed because I have no swelling at all. Must be all that wonder I'm always chugging. With my toes looking all cute and Barbie pink, I decided to see if I could find a cute outfit for my baby shower. I hit up a few stores and bought some super cute shoes that will hopefully work with what I have already to wear.

By this point it was about noon and I was starving! I didn't want to eat a lot because I didn't want to mess up my weigh in (yes, I am OCD thanks!). I got a quick couple tacos from Taco Bell and ended up driving around until my appointment time. I actually was almost late because I hit some stupid lunch time traffic. I got into the office on time but was delayed by a poor girl sitting in the waiting room with contractions. She had come in for her 39 week appointment with them but the doctor wanted to just keep an eye on her for a little bit before sending her to L&D.

I finally got called back and weighed (Only up another pound...), they took my blood pressure which was a little high for me (118/80). I just attributed that to being stressed and running late? And then I sat there for a good 10 more minutes waiting for my doctor. She finally came in and we chatted a little about her hectic morning. My belly was measuring 33.5 cm, so right on track there. And then...

Then my world decided to flip upside down for a few. This doctor (little Indian lady) is normally so good at figuring out baby's position just by prodding and feeling my tummy. She did that for a bit and then whipped out the doppler. She started moving it all across my lower belly and we heard nothing. She made a concerned face, squirted more ultrasound goo on my belly and tried again. And again...nothing. I was trying so hard to breathe and just not panic, but it has never taken more than a few seconds to find his heartbeat before...and he is BIG now! Shouldn't it be easier? After a few more minutes, my doctor said she would be right back and came back with a couple nurses (each equipped with their own dopplers). They each took their turns and made more concerned faces. After what seemed like an eternity (and right on the brink of some serious tears and panic), my doctor found Peanut all curled up on my right side. His heart beat was literally coming from my right hip...he was really tucked in there.

The second she found him, she said, "There he is!" and let me listen to his heartbeat for much longer than normal. She said he sounded good and strong and that he was just being sneaky and hiding. I swear I have never been more scared of anything in my life. I guess you don't realize how much of your heart is really inside your belly until something like that happens.

My doctor asked me a few questions about where I typically feel his movements. I told her always on the right or left side, never really down low or up high. She said he's still laying sideways in there...this time he does have his head down a little bit (to the right), his butt up towards my right ribs and his legs spread across to the left. She estimated him at about 4.5 pounds and 16 inches although she said his length is harder because he's kind of balled up in there. My tummy felt weird like I'd stretched a muscle when I left, I think probably because of all the prodding, Peanut twisted funny in there. Since I left, he's been kicking and sliding up a storm in apparently he just wanted to give me a damn heart attack!

As far as everything else, my doctor did not give me a concrete diagnosis of SPD...she said the pain I'm feeling could be because of how he is laying in there. She told me exactly what I thought she would: stop working, walking so much and ice it if it gets really bad. *sigh* I seriously am still wired for sound. It's going to take me awhile to calm down from the events of today.

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