Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nineteen Weeks 2.0

It's been a rough week here. Sam has been super fussy though I haven't been able to figure out why. I think its his last two teeth. Hmph.  Pregnant me is not as patient as I'd like so all the constant whining and crying is really wearing me down.

This baby has now been dubbed, "Bean" by Josh. We called Sam Peanut so I guess it fits. Bean moves CONSTANTLY. I don't think there is ever a time when he/she is completely still. Its so different from Sam (who I thought moved a lot! ) Maybe I just feel like it's odd bc I'm only 19 weeks and it is so.much.thumping, wiggling, rolling, etc. I can see the thumps from the outside too!

I am feeling so very impatient for ny anatomy scan on Monday! I feel like time is dragging on!

My stomach has been much better this week, I've really been trying not to let stress rule my mind so much. I've actually had a little upswing in appetite too, though usually I feel miserably full and nauseated after eating anything besides a bland carb.

I feel like I still don't look super pregnant unless I'm sitting down. Then my short torso gets all squished out. I know I felt way bigger with Sam at this point (not counting the 30 lbs I had then that I don't have now)

Symptoms: Lots of hot flashes, dizzy/blackout spells, the urge to crack all my joints constantly, IRRITABILITY, headaches (especially around my eyes...I feel like my vision is way worse) , tightening and soreness in my belly, heartburn, reflux and the usual nausea. fun times!
Weight: 135 this week. finally creeping back up!
Sleep: okay except Sam is being crazy.
Food Cravings: this week I wanted seafood and nothing would be right until I had some. Shrimp cocktail, salmon, garlicky lemony shrimp. We had all those on Sunday and it was magical
Best Moment this week: being hungry and actually EATING a meal!
Movement: SO MUCH.
Labor signs: nope
Gender: one more Weeeeeeek
Belly button: out on top
What do I miss: energy. adult beverages. it's funny, I'm not really a drinker but when I'm pregnant, I WANT margaritas, champagne mixed drinks, etc
What am I looking forward to: anatomy scan!
Milestones: almost halfway there! actually more than half if I only stay pregnant for 37 weeks like I did with Sam.

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