Sunday, March 16, 2014

Twenty Weeks 2.0

I have two simultaneous thoughts this week:


in reality, most of this pregnancy has just flown by with me being in complete denial that I'm actually going to be bringing another child into this world. I've felt so crappy that that's sort of been the focus moreso than actually realizing there's another little life growing inside of me.

That thought makes me all the more terrified and exhilarated for our appointment tomorrow. Finding out the sex of this baby will, for once and for all, solidify the truth that there will be a tiny BOY or a GIRL joining us in just a few short months.

I was thinking today how different this pregnancy is than Sam's was. With Sam, I KNEW he was a boy...wholeheartedly the entire time. Josh and I had lists of baby gear, clothes, hospital tours, car seat recs and baby names way before week 20. And this time, I haven't committed to anything yet bc I have np CLUE if this baby is a boy or a girl. I have boy hunches but no strong strong feeling. We haven't even discussed one name bc it stresses me out and there's no sense stressing until I know. Its just so funny how different the experience has been. I don't have time or energy to stress about every little thing the way I did with Sam. I basically know we need a new car seat, a place for the baby to sleep and some new clothes. the rest will be just a repeat of what I learned with Sam. 

Symptoms: heartburn, indigestion, still lots of feeling faint and near blackout episodes, the nausea has not abated yet but my appetite does come back randomly. Really not fun this week is excruciating sciatic nerve pain from my right butt cheek all the way down my leg and really giving me shocks of pain on the right side of my shin and ankle! owie!
Weight: 136 .back to my starting weight!
Sleep: Sam has slept better this week and so therefore I have too, thank goodness.
Food Cravings: ...not a whole lot sounds good except drinks. Cranberry limeade from sonic, specifically.
Best Moment this week: Josh FINALLY committed to quitting smoking for good which is huge. Obviously, I'll have another best moment here very soon!
Movement: oh my gosh, SO MUCH! this baby truly never stops thumping and flipping around. ever.
Labor signs: nope.
Gender: one more day!
Belly button: pretty popped out on top
What do I miss: just feeling normal and not sick and achy.
What am I looking forward to: anatomy scan tomorrow!
Milestones: halfway (or more) there!

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