Friday, March 21, 2014

Oh, Boy, Oh, BOYYYYY!

My mom came over early on Monday to stay with Sam while Josh and I headed out for our big ultrasound appointment. I was so ridiculously nervous about the unknown! I even took a zofran bc I felt so sick from stress.

We were called back almost immediately and led back to a room where I laid Down on the table.  There was a small screen across the room so we could watch baby. Of course, I didn't wear my contacts so I couldn't see very much detail. Oops! Our tech was nice and said she would give us a guess if she was pretty sure about the sex but reminded us that it wasn't 100% We told her we were very interested to know!

We got started right away and she pretty much explained what she was doing as she was measuring away. This normally bouncing baby was snoozing and curled into a literal ball in my right hip. The very first thing we saw was a butt, legs and the evidence! She circled it on the screen and asked if we could tell. I couldn't see that far so josh walked over and looked for awhile...he said, "it doesn't LOOK like a pee pee..." and for an instant, my mind raced over to little girl thoughts. But then the tech said, "it is! That's definitely a penis! " and she zoomed in so we could really see.

ANOTHER BOY! I actually squealed and clapped. I so deeply wanted a brother for Sam.  Josh seemed bemused through the rest of the ultrasound. I think he really thought it was a girl. By the time we walked out, the truth had set in and he was talking about his "sons" and all they would do. ::heart melt::

The ultrasound took awhile because the baby had his head buried into my back. I was flipped all over trying to get him to move so we could see his face and get his measurements. She didn't tell us anything about how he looked but I should be able to find out at my next appointment. His heart rate was a strong 168 bpm. She had me cough a bit to try to move him and he flailed so cutely but then snuggled back down. Guess the zofran made him sleepy!

My plan was to go to a party store and buy a blue balloon for Sam to open so I could video it and break the news that way. Well, we couldn't find a party store! (they all closed apparently) We were supposed to meet my mom and Sam for lunch so we were crunched for time. We ran into Wal-Mart to try and throw something together...and failed...repeatedly. I threw this biggest emotional pregnancy tantrum ever and Josh stepped up to bat for me and made my vision happen. We got the VIP treatment and Wal-Mart used their secret helium to blow a balloon up for me. ;) I'm sure he won't let me live that down anytime soon

Finally we were seated at the restaurant and Sam opened his balloon. Of course he didn't get the significance but he loved the balloon. My mom was so surprised and I got a great video.

We are so excited to finally get planning for this new little life that will be joining us soon.  I hope Sam and this baby will be best buds. Now, we will probably never have a name for him as Samuel was the only boy name we could ever agree on.

Here's some pics from the day!

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