Monday, March 31, 2014

Twenty Two Weeks 2.0

I am officially in the mid pregnancy funk. You know...where I feel like I've been pregnant forever but I'm also totally freaking out? That one.

I'm completely exhausted. This pregnancy is so much harder than Sam's and he hasn't been anything less than a handful either. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. It is typical for us to be up 2-3 times a night and usually he takes a couple hours to settle back down in the wee morning hours. I cannot even imagine trying to deal with that and the newborn wake ups.

We did go put together a small registry this weekend and it was fun to look at all the baby gear again. One thing I am completely clueless about is bottles. Its funny to have a two year old but still be such a clueless mom in that arena. I stood in the bottle aisle for a good twenty minutes just walking back and forth shaking my head in disbelief. It seems so hard compared to just popping out a boob!

I had to promise josh that beginning at six weeks, I'd be pumping and we would do bottles at least some of the time so that he could help me in a way that he couldnt with Sam. so I just picked one at random and scanned away. Overwhelming!

Symptoms: Still having daily nausea attacks, though not until the evening usually. They can be brutal though. Some back pain. heartburn. And Braxton Hicks contractions especially while out running around. I also noticed that my hands and feet get super puffy and hot if I am walking around and it's warm out. Should make this summertime pregnancy super fun! :/
Weight: 138.8 this week. moving on up. my favorite part. boo. (Although baby is almost a foot long and a lb by now so it's not me, it's baby! )
Sleep: ...
Food Cravings: rice Krispie treats and cranberry juice!
Best Moment this week: making choices for the new baby at the store.
Movement: so so much. Always down low still
Labor signs: Nope
Gender: boy!
Belly button: getting flatter by the day. I think I might pop this time
What do I miss: frozen margaritas and sleeping on my back without getting ridiculously dizzy
What am I looking forward to: next appointment on 4/14 so we can discuss our anatomy scan finally

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