Monday, March 24, 2014

Twenty One Weeks 2.0

I feel like this has been a rough week. Sam has been getting his last two molars and has been acting nuts: clingy, whiny, sleeping and eating poorly, etc. I'm exhausted from just dealing with him but I've also not been feeling well at all. I don't know if I'm getting sick or if it's just a weird pregnancy thing but the nausea has been out of control this week again.  I actually ran to the bathroom thinking I was going to throw up a few times but nothing happened. Bleh.

You can see it in my picture this week...just pure exhaustion and crummy feeling. I feel like I look pale, sick and gross. My belly feels huge but doesn't look as big as it feels...I do feel like I'm carrying lower this time for sure.

Possibly related to not feeling well and not sleeping well but I've also been insanely emotional this week. Josh and I have had some disagreements lately (mostly about parenting Sam) and I've just been a bawling mess.

I don't think it's fully sunken in yet that we are having another boy! Maybe I'm just smarter this time bc with Sam I wanted to buy EVERYTHING and this time, I haven't gotten the bug yet.

I did go through Sam's tiny clothes and picked out what we can use again. I actually didn't keep much besides my favorites as I thought we were done after him! Some of the stuff is off limits just bc it is so SAM to me and I'd like to keep that stuff as just his (like all the tiny elephant clothes since he was our "peanut"). I think it's a good thing to let them each have their own identity though. I almost cried looking at how tiny they feels like YESTERDAY we were bringing Sam home and now, here we are two years later about to do it all again! Parenting may be hard but damn does it go quickly.

Symptoms: more nausea, dry heaves (super fun!), heart pounding, shakiness and dizziness if I eat lots of sugar which is weird.
Weight: 137.5...possibly now we will start going up and up. I'm not entirely ready to see the scale rise but it's for the baby
Sleep:. ..ugg
Food Cravings: not much this week. cranberry limeades from sonic which usually end up making me feel super icky
Best Moment this week: Going through Sam's old stuff was bittersweet
Movement: so much. sometimes I wonder if the random waves of nausea are from the baby hitting me awkwardly in the stomach and flipping around like a fish in there.
Labor signs: nope
Gender: BOY!
Belly button: pretty flat and popped on top. it pops out when I cough or laugh. :p
What do I miss: not feeling like I'm going to heave 24/7
What am I looking forward to: maybe getting out there and making some new baby purchases. decorating a nursery
Milestones: Over the 1/2 way point! I can definitely see kicks from the outside now

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