Friday, September 16, 2011

6 weeks!

One more day, one more step closer to having a sweet baby in my arms at the end of all this. We have hit the six week mark baby!

I had a ROUGH day yesterday. I just woke up feeling icky and that feeling continued throughout the day. As opposed to the last two weeks that I have been starving, yesterday (and today so far) just absolutely nothing sounds good. I think I probably made the gaggy nauseous feeling way worse by not eating a whole lot yesterday, but I just could not bring myself to put away food. I was also oddly dizzy off and on all day. I know it was not dehydration because I have been drinking a lot of water. I figured it was just another new symptom. Although now I am thinking it might be due to my prenatal vitamin.

I am staying with my mom for the remainder of the week because my husband is in New Mexico visiting his grandparents. There was no way I could get the time off of work, but I encouraged him to go because he really deserved a vacation. It was honestly so much harder than I thought saying goodbye to him yesterday! I cried and did not want to let go of him. We really have not spent a single day apart from each other since we started dating back in 2006! Its amazing the comfort you get just from having the person you love around. It's been a very quiet 24 hours so far.

I barely got any sleep last night because my little Charlie critter just did not settle down at all being in a 'new place'...he was whining at the bedroom door all night. When I would let him out he was automatically in my mom's backyard barking his little head off. And he is LOUD. I swear I love him but I almost killed him last night. I was finally able to get some solid sleep this morning from about 6-8 but then my old bed (which I used to love!) was really hurting my back. Its a very soft bed...and no matter which way I turned I just sunk in too much and it didn't feel very good. Maybe I'm just fatter now? Lol.

Speaking of fatter, I actually am down 4 pounds from my weight over last weekend. Could be all the nausea lately but I'm thinking it had more to do with the fact that I was pretty darn constipated for a good week before things finally *ahem* moved along this week. I feel a lot less bloated and I think I look a little skinnier. But I'll be darned if losing some of the water weight around my tummy has not led to a pretty obvious tiny baby bump. I know I am probably just paranoid, but I felt like my boss was eyeballing my stomach yesterday.

Here is the "bump":

Excuse the poor cell phone pic quality but am I wrong in thinking that little lump is something? You can tell its not just water weight/bloat because the love handles I had just a few days ago are gone. And the rest of my tummy is flat up til that point. Down really low in my abdomen, it feels like a hard little knot under my skin.

Other than what I already mentioned, my boobs are just getting bigger and sorer by the day. I cannot really sleep on my sides anymore because the gravity pulling my boobs down just flipping hurts like a mother. :) Despite all the yuckiness and pain, I actually love it because it means this is REAL!

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