Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well...that was FUN!

This morning, I was snuggled under the covers so nicely against my husband when he frantically jumped out of bed. You see, the snooze button we both kept hitting repeatedly? It was telling us that he was twenty minutes late for work.

The fun part is this: when Josh jumped out of bed, so did I. But not because I was late. I jumped out of bed, getting hopelessly tangled in the sheets in the process because I had the craziest charlie horse of my life in my left calf. I had to jump up and down and stand on my tippy toes for a good minute to get it to go away. That sucker was was a bulge about the size of a lime sticking out the back of my leg! And it hurt like a son of a...

So. Another fun pregnancy symptom in the books, or am I just in dire need of some banana consumption? My flipping leg still hurts. Excuse me, I'm off to do some yoga or something...ow.

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