Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Milestone - 5 weeks.

I realized today that I have made it past the point of last pregnancy. For some reason that makes me feel very reassured and safe.

This time around, I am oddly at peace with everything. I feel much better and much calmer about everything. Last time, I was cramping badly from the day I got my first BFP. This time around, I have little tugging and pulling sensations from time to time but they are far from painful and definitely not constant.

As of today, I am 5 weeks and 2 days. Here are my symptoms. (Keep in mind I read into everything and am way more in touch with my body than most people!)
  • Really REALLY sore boobs. Its mostly my left one which has always been a bit bigger than the right. The pain is mostly along the side where my bra is. My nipples have been tingly and a little bit oddly numb. And as if that was not all TMI enough, the nipple of my left boob is constantly uhm...hard. Even when I am not cold/aroused/etc. AWKWARD!
  • Peeing approximately every 5 minutes. Not really, but it feels like it. And I'm still doing the obnoxious toilet paper check every.single.time...ya know, just in case. 
  • Ahem - a lot of wetness going on down there. Super disgusting. Sometimes I feel like I straight up wet myself. Isn't this a beautiful time???
  • I've been having pretty constant nausea surround by bouts of absolute ravenous appetite. Something will sound good, I'll start eating and immediately get grossed out by it. 
  • The most fun thing? This constant on-the-verge-of-gagging thing going on. No puking so far but honestly I have to fight this gag reflex. Everything triggers it. Even swallowing water. Uhm, this symptom can stop anytime now thanks. 
  • I think I might have a UTI because of how frequently I've been peeing/it burns a little when I pee and right above my pubic bone in my abdomen. 
  • Slight backaches and headaches, usually helped by just laying down and chilling out.
  • TIREDNESS!!!! I am a night owl and I am ready to be in bed by 9:00pm. 
  • My first super awkward craving was for V8. Yes. Tomato juice. Probably the most disgusting shit in the world, but it sounded like the best idea. I totally drank it out of a champagne glass and felt super fancy and it was gooooooood. 
  • Lastly, I swear I look farther along because I am SO bloated. I cannot even suck it in and sometimes the gas pains are ridiculous. I'm pretty much living on tums. I am starting this pregnancy weighing more than I'd like, so these rising weight numbers are gonna freak me out. I'm only up 2 lbs overall...and I think most of it is water weight from my ginormous and sore boobies.

    Here is a picture I took of myself at 5 weeks! I am making the first prenatal apt. this week and I pray to God that I can continue these weekly updates until 42 weeks!

    And a close up of just the belly. Granted this shirt has ruffles and adds a few pounds but still!

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