Sunday, January 8, 2012

22 Weeks!

Holy CRAP. I feel pregnant. I am totally unable to hide it anymore. It's pretty hilarious. I have noticed lately that my emotions have been a lot more wonky (read: crazy, irrational, slightly psychotic) lately. And we have KICKS! Real, big ones!

I have suddenly developed super sonic hearing which of course leads to more annoyances than normal. I don't know if it is in preperation for baby that I can now hear *everything* or if it is just another fun "pregnancy thing." The other night, we were laying in bed and I could not fall asleep because I swear I heard glass rattling. I kept nudging Josh every two seconds asking him if he was hearing the super-annoying-I'm-going-to-kill-something-noise that I was and he really thought I was crazy. I got up out of bed and I was laughing at myself because I was like a bloodhound on a mission. Want to know what the sound was? A couple glass vases on top of my refrigerator that were humming really softly as the refrigerator was running. I have officially turned into a crazy pregnant lady!

The most exciting thing that happened this week was that Peanut started kicking me, hard. At first it was really down low in an almost embarrassing spot. You can tell by my bump picture this week, that he ran out of room way down low and now he is popping out pretty far. Now the kicks are all over and pretty constant. I usually feel them most late at night and after I eat, so pretty normal even when he was just fluttering in there. (By the way, it is still so surreal to call him a him!)

The other night, Josh and I were watching a movie. One of the main characters in the movie had our baby's potential name. I had to grab Josh's hands and put them on my tummy because Peanut was going nuts in there! It was near constant kicking for a good 20 minutes or so. We think he must like his name. :) Josh's face was priceless. He kept asking me, "is that the baby?!" I know his feeling of disbelief. How can something so tiny make such strong movements?! We were even able to see my tummy jumping a little bit at the strongest kicks. It was a completely crazy amazing moment.

We also finally got out there and made a simple registry of some basic stuff. We had a lot of fun doing it and imagining just what our little man will like and yell at us later in life about. I am in love with cutesy baby stuff with little puppy dogs and Josh is all about making Peanut a jock from birth. Josh was in charge of the scanner gun and I kept hearing beeps behind my back. I had no clue what all he scanned into the registry until we got home. Let me just say, baseball baseball baseball. It was awesome to see Josh get excited about our baby boy though and all the things we need for him. I could not resist leaving the baby store without a few little outfits.

Check out how Peanut is being the center of attention lately:

We are dressed and ready for the Steelers game today against the stinky Broncos! Ewww. My bump barely fits in this jersey anymore...good thing football season is almost over!

22 Week Bump Update:
How far along:  22 weeks!
How big is baby: The size of a papaya right now. About 11.5 inches and probably getting pretty close to a pound! You can tell...I am getting bigger! (And this time it is not a "bathroom baby"...)
Total weight gain: I think I'm probably up another few pounds finally. I have finally gotten a little appetite back and Peanut is definitely growing so I'd guess about 6-7 pounds total?
Sleep: With my bionic hearing, it's been tough lately but I can't complain. When I do sleep, I sleep deeply feel pretty good.
Best moment of the week: Experiencing kicks with Josh!
Food cravings:  Cold hot dogs. I found ones without nitrates. So I heat them up in the microwave and then stick them back in the fridge until they're cold. They just aren't the same hot! I've also been *loving* sour candy. Like nerds...which is very odd for me (usually a chocolate girl)
Food aversions:  Coffee (the smell) is starting to get to me.
Symptoms:  Heartburn...bad. Sometimes I feel it even in my back! Shortness of breath (you can see why, I am running out of lung space), bad round ligament pains lately when I sneeze, cough or move when I'm laying down.
Movement:  Kicks, kicks and more kicks. Baby boy is getting stronger!
Gender:  BOY!!!!
What I’m looking forward to: My next doctor's appointment to see if I've managed to actually put any weight on. I know I need to try to, its just hard to wrap my brain around.
What I miss: Seriously? Being able to shave my legs and put on socks easily. I can manage, but it is getting tougher!

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