Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Belly: A Progression (8-23 Weeks)

I was curious to see just how much my body has changed during this process we like to call pregnancy. Looking back at my earliest photos, I was shocked to see how skinny I was! I have always had a skewed body image, but honestly I do not remember being that skinny. With everyone commenting on how I looked "normal" as opposed to thin like the rest of my life for about a year, I had it in my head that I was some chubby girl when this pregnancy began. True, I was above my ideal weight, but I looked GOOD and I know I'll be hoping to get back to that soon after the baby is born.

In the beginning, I was not so religious about taking my weekly picture, so there are a few gaps (week 10 and 13, I think). What really cracks me up was how hard I was looking for that telltale bump way back at 7 weeks and there was literally nothing there. I look at my bump now and I cannot even fathom my tummy being as flat as it was just 15 short weeks ago.

With no further ado, here's the belly progression:

I got a little more colorful after week 17...and also started showing my face! Shocker! Isn't it funny to see that little pop between flat-tummy week 14 and teeny-bump week 17?

I also like to call this, Christy's day to day hairstyle progression. :)

You can see that week 20 was Christmas and I was clearly bloated from all the food we were eating. But after that, the bump is out and here to stay!!! I guess I was feeling rebellious this week and turned the wrong way, oops!

I cannot wait to see how the second half of this photo experiment turns out. I think I am in the "cute stage" of pregnancy right now, where the bump is nice and round but not big enough to be in my way. We'll see what the next 17 weeks brings for me and my tiny torso.

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