Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Being a VIP at the Ob-Gyn

I never thought I would be happy to be a VIP at a place like a gynecologist's office. I am so glad I found this place though. I have literally loved every person I've come into contact with. I think I've been there about 5 times since finding out I was pregnant in September...and in that time, I have apparently become a VIP.

I am sure they treat all their patients this way but seriously, I walk through the door and they greet me by name, get me set up quickly and usually I am in and out in under 15 minutes for these routine appointments. It is awesome! I have never waited more than 5 minutes for an appointment, the nurses are all great at blood draws (which I am very thankful for with my difficult veins) and the doctors are all very conversational about everything.

I had my 24 week appointment today and everything looked great! It was my fastest appointment yet. I checked in and gave a urine sample (I always forget that when my appointments are first thing in the morning, I should not pee when I wake up...because I won't have enough pee to produce a decent sample at my appointment. Oops!)

Then I was weighed, which I was so nervous about! I had not been gaining like they wanted me to for the first 5 months, but given the growth of my bump and my appetite lately, I knew I was in for some gain. I stepped on the scale and saw immediately that I was up 8 pounds now. Phew! Not as much as I was thinking...but not enough to make me feel like a cow either. My doctor actually mentioned that she'd rather I be up like 15 pounds by now but that any gain is good at this point.

They found Peanut's heartbeat quickly with the doppler, chilling on my lower left side like always. It was a nice strong 154 bpm...so pretty average for him. (still so weird to say...him...him...him...) A couple times while they were listening, we heard some big loud thumps. The med student in the room started laughing and said that he was kicking the doppler. So my child is a punk already! Great!

The biggest surprise came when they did the fundal measurement. This is the first time they've done it so I was supposed to be measuring as many centimeters as weeks pregnant (23 weeks = 23 centimeters). When they put the tape on my belly, the doctor told me I was measuring 24.2 centimeters. Eek! That means Peanut is about a week bigger than I thought he would be. I hope he just went through a growth spurt and doesn't turn into a monster baby!

I was given a packet of information on my one hour glucose test which I have to take in the next two weeks. I don't need an appointment and I don't need to fast. I just basically need to show up, drink the sugary glucose drink and then wait an hour. They'll take my blood and see how my body processes the sugar and hopefully I pass. If not, I have to do a three hour test which I hear is much worse!

I always feel so much better after these appointments. I just know I'm doing all I need to do and that Peanut is thriving. I cannot believe that after my next appointment (at 28 weeks), I will begin going every two weeks rather than every four. That makes it so much more real and final. I don't have very much longer to go before little Peanut is in my arms instead of in my belly...and I cannot wait!

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