Saturday, January 21, 2012

24 Weeks: Viability!

The 24th week of pregnancy has a cult following of mommies-to-be. It is considered the first week that a baby would likely survive if born prematurely. In reality, it is probably only a 50% survival rate at 24 weeks, but that's a whole lot better than nothing! Obviously, I want our little Peanut to keep on cookin' but it does make me breathe a little easier that if he decided to make his entrance early, we might be able to do something for him.

Becoming friends will all these "May mommies" has opened my eyes to so much that I never thought of before. Several of these women delivered previous babies at 23 weeks and doctors would not use any medical means to try to keep them alive. That's another reason 24 weeks is important. Before that, most doctors won't even try to resuscitate or stabilize a preemie. It is heartbreaking to think that your baby might come out alive but not be kept that way because they are not "old enough" yet. I'm just glad that I no longer have to worry about that particular "what if."

In other news, how long have I been complaining about this sinus infection and not doing anything about it? I'm beginning to think it's been several months rather than weeks. I took a turn for the worse over the head has been absolutely killing me. It's a deep, throbbing pain behind my eyes, across my forehead and down into my cheek bones. One side of my face is actually pretty swollen and tender to the touch and I'm rocking some awesome black eyes. Tylenol does not even touch the I need to really stop procrastinating and GO TO THE DOCTOR.

Besides all that mess, I'm feeling pretty good. I have that famous second trimester energy despite a new found case of insomnia. I can not sleep more than 4 hours at a time now. I'll go to bed at midnight and by 5 in the morning, I am wide awake. I guess this is preparation? Peanut is just growing away in there, giving stronger kicks and making me feel like I am running out of lung space quickly.

I went and got measured for a bra finally because none of the ones I own or have bought recently even come close to fitting. At the beginning of this pregnancy I was a solid 32C/34B depending on the bra. Now? 36 flipping D! Seriously?! That's 2 band sizes and 2 cup sizes already. I think I know where all my weight gain is taking place...ugh. The lady at Victoria's Secret told me that they would only get worse so to enjoy the expensive, super supportive bra for now...because I probably won't even fit in this one once the baby is born. Ever heard of the engorgement phase? yeah...not looking forward to that!!!

Please excuse my sickly 24 week photo....I feel like death!!!
24 Week Bump Update:
How far along:  24 weeks!
How big is baby: About a foot long and weighing in at about a pound! Scrawny, but starting to plump up!
Total weight gain: Officially 8 pounds at the doctor on Tuesday. Probably 3 pounds in each of my boobies, seriously. Hmph.
Sleep: Insomnia central here. Despite being exhausted, I'm usually too wired to sleep for extended periods of time.
Best moment of the week: Reaching viability for sure!
Food cravings:  Capri Sun juice pouches. I decided this pregnancy makes me want to eat like a 4 year old.
Food aversions:  Meat. Still...always.
Symptoms:  Headaches. Shortness of breath. Stretching pains. A general feeling of "fullness" that never goes away. Itchy boobs. Leg cramps. Hot flashes.
Movement: A little calmer this week. I think he's getting bigger so he has less room to flail all over the place like he was doing. I still feel him every day at least a couple times. Usually first thing in the morning when I'm just laying in bed waking up and after dinner.
What I’m looking forward to: Getting a pedicure. I tried to paint my toes today and it is not pretty...nor was it easy!
What I miss: Being able to breathe! I get winded so easily because this little guy is cramping my lung space. Only 16 weeks to go...phew!

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