Saturday, March 10, 2012

31 Weeks!

Okay. It's time to admit that now I'm getting scared. Not about anything rational of course, because that's not my style. I'm getting scared that this child of mine is never going to be still outside of the womb because he certainly never stays still inside of it. I absolutely love the baby movements. I really do. I love that each time he wiggles, it's a new adventure of what I am going to see and feel...but really...I wonder sometimes how much movement is too much movement!

In other news, Josh and I ventured to the hospital today to take our tour of the Labor and Delivery wing. I was really looking forward to this just so I could be reassured that we had a home for our baby to be born. Josh was excited because he just wanted to know where he needed to park! It was a fast tour, but I am so glad we did it.

I've heard horror stories about hospital deliveries being all about the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type of delivery where the doctors force pitocin to speed labor and then perform unnecessary c-sections because they don't want a woman taking up a bed for 18+ hours. I can now confidently say that Rose Medical Center (where we will be delivering) is not one of those hospitals. I am so reassured to know that they are a mommy friendly hospital. I haven't talked about this much yet, but I truly hope to achieve a natural vaginal delivery if possible. I am not adverse to an epidural if I decide I want one, but I'd at least like to try without. The nurse that gave us the tour told us about several things they do differently to ensure the happiest labor experience possible and it made me a very happy mama:

* 12 private Labor and Delivery suites.
The minute I arrive at the hospital, I am admitted to my own private suite and left there to my own devices pretty much while I labor with only intermittent monitoring. The nurse explained that they like their patients to get up and walk around, try laboring in different positions, etc. and they don't believe in strapping patients down with monitors and stuff. These suites have a private bathroom complete with a jacuzzi tub that we are free to labor in if we want (big plus! I hear water is the best way to relieve contraction pain) She also told us that the fetal monitors they have are wireless and waterproof, so we can move about freely and in the water without worrying about baby's heart rate.

*Mommy/Baby Friendly Policies:
What excited me most about this tour was learning that this hospital truly likes to ensure the mommy/baby bond right from birth. They believe in immediate skin to skin contact while the cord pulses out instead of whisking the baby away to be cleaned/measured/etc right away. I always wanted this experience but I thought whisking the baby away was just something that happened. The nurse told us unless there is a medical issue, they usually let the bonding begin immediately while the mom delivers the placenta (ew) and gets stitched up if necessary. Then, sometime within the first hour of life, they take the baby for measurements and a quick rub down as well as the Vitamin K injection and eye ointment. The nurse said they never separate baby and mommy unless absolutely necessary. They will wheel in a little bassinet and the baby gets to stay right by your side the whole time. They are also pro-breastfeeding and encourage immediate suckling after birth which I think is fantastic...babies that are allowed to do this right away usually take to it better than babies that don't get this opportunity.

*Josh's Bonus Points:

This is important, because letting Josh feel comfortable here will make me more comfortable. These are the things Josh was excited about:
Easy Parking (with valet service for laboring mommies!)
A HUGE waiting room down the hall from the labor suites where family can stay during the action. And there are sweet vending machines. :)
Free wi-fi on the whole floor for all the facebooking and updating we're sure to do right after.
A full size bed in the labor suite just in case we need some rest in the middle of the action.
Free meals!

Whew! In all, I feel so much better just knowing that this is all going to be real and that I will be supported in whatever decision I make on the day I deliver my baby. With no further ado, here is my growing 31 week bump:
I've taken to calling this "torpedo belly" because he sticks straight out in a little point.

Bump Update:
How far along: 31 Weeks! 63 Days to go...*gulp*

How big is baby: One of my "May Mommies" just had her baby this week due to issues with pre-eclampsia. She was 5 days ahead of me and little Madelynn weighed 3.7 pounds and is absolutely perfect. It made everything so much more real to see what my Peanut would look like as an "outside baby" if he were born right now.
Weight Gain: If I know my body, I've probably gained another 2 since my last appointment so that puts me right around 17 I'd bet.
Best moment of the week: The tour of course!
Food cravings:  All things lemon. Lemonade. Lemon jelly filled donuts (not custard filled....blech!) and lemon chicken have all been in my mind this week. Lemonade is probably the strongest craving I've had this whole pregnancy. I love it so much! The warm weather makes me crave it too.
Food aversions: Eggs. I tried eating eggs for pretty much the first time in this pregnancy the other night and it did not go well. I ordered a ham and cheese omelet and my eggs were brown and burnt tasting. UGH! I don't think I'll be eating eggs again anytime soon. :/
Symptoms:  Hip flipping bad! I can't lay on one side too long or they really start to ache. The usual heartburn and constant nausea are there too but otherwise, I really don't feel too bad right now!
Movement: Constant. Strong. Jerky. Crazy.
What I’m looking forward to: The real nesting bug to hit. I had little spurts of it awhile ago, but Josh and I have so much little stuff to still get situated before baby, I hope I get inspired soon!
What I miss: Definitely still missing my pre-pregnancy body. You never realize how good you once looked until you look like crap! :)

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