Thursday, March 8, 2012

Milestone Time!

Like he does every night around this time (10:00 pm), little Peanut started having a break dance party inside my tummy. I have been sneakily trying to capture his new huge, Alien-esque movements on my phone and also to get Josh to see them. Every stinking time I would get Josh to look, the baby would be still. Josh would look away and he would start again. Already a little punk!

But not tonight! I started feeling some huge movements and lifted up my shirt like I always do to see him move. Sure enough, my belly was bouncing and jerking all over the place. I just so happened to say, "baby...look" to Josh and right as he looked over my tummy did one of the craziest bulging movements I have seen so far. Josh literally yelled, "WHOA!"

I about died laughing from his reaction. Then it became a game for Josh. He would poke my belly and Peanut would kick back. So he took my cell phone and set it on there and Peanut kicked it off! We were laughing hysterically. (By the way, laughing with a pregnant belly makes me feel like Santa Claus). Josh even tried blowing raspberries on my belly (ewww) and Peanut still kicked right along. It was so much fun experiencing that with Josh tonight. It's been real for me for awhile and Josh has felt the baby...but to actually see it is such an amazing (if a little creepy) thing!

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