Sunday, March 18, 2012

32 Weeks!

At my 32 week appointment on Thursday, my doctor gave me an eye opening fact. She told me that if I go into labor now, there is really no use in panicking and rushing in to the hospital...because they wouldn't do anything to stop Peanut from entering the world at this point. She called him "fair game." If he decides to make his entrance now, they'll just let him come. He is big enough, strong enough and well developed enough that he would do fine in the outside world with just a little extra help. Talk about a wake up call. I know I still have 8 weeks left and I'd like to carry him inside me that whole time, but's up to him. And I could have a baby at anytime. Scary, but amazing.

I've been feeling pretty good the last couple of weeks. Of course I have the usual heartburn and trouble sleeping, but besides those completely normal things, I have felt almost normal. Well, as normal as can be with a basketball attached to my belly. I am slowly accepting this pregnant body of mine and I know now how to work with it instead of letting it work against me. I can totally do this for 8 more weeks. (Remind me of this statement in another few weeks when I finally hit the miserable stage, please).

My baby shower invites are out and it's coming up fast on April 1st. I was sitting here thinking that was so far away but really it's only two weeks! I really hate being the center of attention, especially when I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin right now but I know it will be fun. It's always hard for me to accept being "showered" with anything, especially attention, without feeling awkward. I just have to tell myself that they will be showering Peanut...for now, I'm just his vessel. You can't have one without the other!

I don't feel like I've grown very much from last week at all, my belly is still big but no bigger than it has been I don't think. One thing I have noticed is that my wedding ring feels a little snug by nighttime. It still slides on and off easily in the morning, but by the end of the day, it starts to feel uncomfortable. As much as I don't want to, I think I may have to retire it for awhile. The last thing I want is to have to cut it off of my finger.

Here's my 32 week belly:

This is actually one of the few maternity shirts I own, and I feel like it's a tent when I wear it. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy some soon though, this belly won't fit in my normal shirts much longer.

Bump Update:
How far along: 32 Weeks! 54 days to, we are really getting down there. Technically, only 5 weeks until I am "full term" at 37 weeks. Whoa!
How big is baby: At my most recent appointment, my doctor estimated Peanut at about 3.5 pounds based on what she could feel (I think it is totally weird that they can do that, by the way!) He's also pretty cramped in there. I found out he was wedged sideways, or kind of diagonal, at my appointment. My doctor says she thinks he has more room in there that way rather than up and down since my torso is so short. Sorry, Peanut! We have to keep our eye on him and make sure he flips before 36 weeks, otherwise the dreaded C-section topic will have to be discussed.
Weight Gain: I only gained half a pound since my last appointment, which baffles me. At this point, baby will gain a half pound a week until the end. It's good to know I am only gaining what baby is gaining right now. If Peanut is 3.5 pounds now that means we can estimate that he'll be around 7.5 pounds at birth! Pretty cool.
Best moment of the week: I got a few unexpected days off of work this week due to scheduling drama so it was nice to have a little mini vacation.
Food cravings:  Still loving the lemon things. And donuts has really been a big one for me lately. I haven't eaten as many as I've wanted to but I sure have been craving them! Also, celery. I am so strange.
Food aversions: Anything warm and too rich. I think maybe because it is so nice outside, but I have no desire to eat really hot food. All I want is fresh, cool things to eat. 
Symptoms: A little annoying pain behind my right knee where I have a bad vericose vein. Heartburn and insomnia as usual.
Movement: All the time! I think Peanut may actually have flipped into position again because I feel all these strange, sliding movements now in addition to all his bumps and thumps.
What I’m looking forward to: Finding something cute to wear for my baby shower. And I am totally treating myself to a pedicure this week too. My toes always look cuter when someone else paints them!
What I miss: Margaritas!!!! Now that it's nice and warm outside and everyone wants to sit on the patio and drink, I find myself getting so jealous!

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