Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Year

A year ago today, I was walking down the aisle into the arms of the best man I have ever known. It astounds me how quickly this year has flown by: as they say, "time flies when you're having fun."

Our relationship is truly a work of magic. There is literally nothing I would change about the man he is or the love that we have. I like to tell people, we are not perfect but we're real. And we are. We really live our lives in a simple way. We really are not glamorous, rich or put on a pedestal. We really work hard for a small apartment and two cars. We really come home at the end of the day sweaty and tired and completely relieved to be in one another's arms again. We really laugh at little things all day every day. We really have our own unspoken language and bond with each other that no one can decipher or understand. We really know when to talk and when to stay silent. And we really know how to love with passion, with wholehearted energy and complete bliss.

A year ago today, I did not picture this one year anniversary unfolding as it has tonight. We had a wild and crazy adventure yesterday which led to my sweet husband being on strict rest this weekend. So here we sit, watching a movie, eating soft foods and drinking gatorade and yet, it is still the most perfect night I could imagine. It symbolizes us. We hit snags but we move on in our own comfortable way. And everything turns out just fine because we are together.

As far what happened last night? My husband got knocked for a loop playing beer league softball with all of his buddies. I was on my way to the field (late, of course!) when I began getting calls from one of the other team wives. When I answered, she gave me the scary news that Josh had been hit in the head with a softball. As someone who is intrigued by medical shows and symptoms, I knew right away that what we were dealing with was potentially dangerous. I flew the rest of the way there and when I pulled into the parking lot, I was greeted with a slew of ambulances and firetrucks. All for my baby, my life, my reason for living. My heart dropped into my toes and I ran all the way until I saw him.

When I got there, he was surrounded by a group of EMTs and firefighters. I announced that I was his wife and they let me go sit by him. He was having trouble breathing, was very lethargic and unsteady and was bleeding from his nose. He also had an extremely big dent in his forehead between his eyes. Although I originally wanted to drive him to the hospital myself, I was talked down by a nice firefighter who told me he would get seen by a doctor a lot faster if he was taken by ambulance. So I kissed my everything as lightly as I could on the forehead and I promised him I would see him there. I got in my car before they even had him loaded into the ambulance and I sped away, toward a hospital I hoped could take perfect care of him. I actually arrived about 10 minutes before the ambulance. I had called Josh's dad on the way and he met me at the hospital.

After a very scary 6 hours in the Emergency Room, we got his CT scan results back and were told he fractured his ancillary sinus, or the cavernous sinus area right in between his eyebrows. This fracture had caused the bleeding nose and all his other symptoms. He was also diagnosed with a mild concussion. By some act of God, he only fractured the front part of the skull, not the bone closer to the brain. There was virtually no brain bleeding, swelling or damage. I cannot tell you how those words coursed through my veins. He was okay. He had a big lump on his head and some killer black eyes in the works, but my better half was going to be okay. We have to go in for a follow up appointment on Monday to make sure he does not need any surgery or have any lasting complications due to the injury.

But for now, here we sit, a year after the happiest day of our lives and we are enjoying just as happy of a day. We may not be dolled up in wedding clothes. We may not be toasting to love and laughter with champagne. We are in our coziest pajamas, sipping on gatorade to counteract the nausea from his concussion, we ate instant mashed potatoes for dinner because they were warm and soft. To me though, this could not be upstaged by even the fanciest dinner or most beautiful wedding. I have more days to live with my husband by my side and a new perspective on just how precious our time together really is.

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