Wednesday, November 9, 2011

12 Weeks!

I am seriously slacking this week. I am ecstatic to finally be at the 12 week mark...but this week has been a doozy so far. On Monday I got to work and my regular boss was not there, but some "floater" who was covering for her. He rushed out right when I got there because he had been sitting in the store touching everything all day and had some kind of stomach virus. I am so paranoid about germs in general, but being pregnant I am really worried about coming down with something. Before I even started working, I cloroxed the whole place and washed my hands really well. I figured I was in the clear since I was not actually around him at all.I was not feeling so hot last night but I think I was just stressing myself out about it because I am fine now. I even drank a big mug full of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and it was deeee-licious.

Here is my (very noticeable!) 12 week bump! I do believe peanut has made his/her entrance and there is no hiding it now.

Bump Update:
How Far Along?  12  weeks! In the old days, this would mark the beginning of the 2nd trimester but nowadays, Drs. say that each trimester is actually I have a ways to go!
Maternity Clothes? Uhm...yes...jeans. I still feel the same up top but I do think I'll need to go bra shopping soon.
Weight Gain? Last I checked just a half pound. We shall see soon.
Stretch Marks? There is something sketch going on with my right boob...I am not sure if it is a vein or what but it is definitely new. 
Sleep? I have finally gotten so exhausted that I am dead to the world right when my head hits the pillow. For awhile there, I was not sleeping well at all. Now that my uterus has raised up a little higher, I feel less pressure on my bladder and I can actually get through the night without peeing.
Best Moment of the Week? So far this week? Nothing...I am looking forward to tomorrow and seeing our little peanut on the NT Scan.
Cravings? I just started having ice cream cravings. Hot fudge sundaes sound amazing. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is calling my name (only the green kind!)
Gender?  We're going to see if we can see any hints of parts at our scan tomorrow.
What I miss? Energy in general. While I am not as tired as before, I still do not have the get-up-and-go kind of energy I need to bang out 15 loads of laundry or deep clean my carpet.
Symptoms: A little return of the nausea this week. Emotional. Some little aches and pains down low.
Weekly Wisdom:  Water is your friend. Headaches, nausea, bathroom problems...just drink a glass of water and it feels better.
Milestones: I can actually feel my uterus on the outside now. While the bump itself is not terribly obvious, when I am laying down I can feel a hard mass about 3 inches across about 3 inches below my belly button. So cool!
Emotions:  Mostly just overwhelmed with small things. Walking in to work this week which has been so busy and stressful just makes me angry because my one co-worker is absolutely worthless.

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