Friday, November 4, 2011

200 Days and Other Matters

Week 11 seems to be one of the kindest weeks so far. I am much less exhausted, have an actual appetite besides random cravings (although those are definitely still there too...hello rainbow sherbet!), much less nausea and in general, just feeling better for the first time in awhile. I think the common reaction to starting to feel better in pregnancy is to panic. After all, with symptoms lessening, could I really still be pregnant?!

I just want to say that I am not panicking. I am calm and happy. I can see the rounding of my belly. I can feel the hormones still surging, see the acne all over my chin and I just have this sense that everything is progressing as it should. When I woke up this morning, my baby countdown informed me that I {only} have 200 days left of this pregnancy. Of course, that is until full term so I could have more or less than that, but for some reason that magic number seems significant. I have made it this far...this is happening!

Life in general is stupid stressful right now. Nothing really major, just a bunch of little things getting out of control. That could just be my hormonal self feeling overwhelmed by everything. We live in a tiny, I mean TINY one bedroom apartment. Up to this point, we have liked it here and it has served it's purpose. But now...well, now we are realizing this just is not going to cut it once the baby gets here. Our neighbors are loud and disrespectful, the complex themselves are constantly building, sawing, hammering, blowing or otherwise making noise at odd hours of the day (beginning at 6 am sometimes, I mean honestly!), we live on the second floor with only an exterior staircase that is always covered in snow and ice (I have fallen down them several times while walking Charlie), there is absolutely no extra space for anything ( a crib, baby clothes, baby care items, high chair, even food...) and NOW as if that all was not enough to drive any sane person crazy, we have developed a cockroach infestation.

I just want to say that Josh and I are very clean people, almost anally so for the most part. I keep Clorox in business buying their wipes and sprays because I am a germaphobe and want everything to be disinfected and sanitary at all times. Sure, sometimes we leave dinner dishes in the sink until the next day. Sure, Josh doesn't rinse out his coffee pot every single time he uses it right away, but we are not dirty people. All our food, sugar, flour, etc are stored in plastic locking containers in my neatly organized pantry. We vacuum, sweep and mop frequently, but yet these disgusting bugs keep showing up. Oddly, the only place we had ever seen them coming from was behind the stove. This leads me to believe they are coming from the floor above or below us. This would not shock me at all. This is not a luxury apartment complex by any means, the caliber of people that live here range from white trash to illegal immigrants. I try to not be judgmental because we are living here because it is cheap, but I am so over it right now.

We have contacted the leasing office several times. They informed us that they would send the exterminator to us. When the guy showed up, he told us we needed to have our cabinets and pantry emptied before hand which we did not know. I guess it is kind of common sense, but having never dealt with pest problems before we are clueless in this matter. So the guy sprayed the perimeter of the apartment, behind the stove and refrigerator and left. He told us to empty our cabinets and pantry and he'd be back the next week. Well, all our dishes and food sat on our dining table for a week and we never saw the exterminator guy again. The cockroaches did disappear during that we put our stuff back. Within a week or so, we started noticing one or two cockroaches making their appearance again...always underneath Josh's coffee maker or from behind the stove. So my sister bought us some roach poison. We set it out on the counters so Charlie could not get to it and we did not see another roach for weeks. Until a few days ago. They seem to be back in full force, and what is even more horrendous and disgusting is that these ones look different. I couldn't figure out if the poison had mutated them or something until one day Josh called me to tell me they looked different because they had f-ing babies on their backs. Uhm...yeah.

Josh and I both are going nuts. It sounds dramatic but it feels like we are being encroached upon. It is absolutely NOT okay to live with these unsanitary creatures. Every time we kill one generation of them, the eggs hatch and there they are again. It's just too much. Now that we are thinking about getting the hell out of here, we are worried about taking them with us. At first while they were only in our kitchen, we have recently seen a few migrating elsewhere. It is just awful. We feel dirty and embarrassed to have people over here in case these bugs get seen by other people. Every single time I am in my kitchen cooking a meal (which I should have the right to do!) they creep out because they can smell the food. The whole thing is just overwhelming to me.

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