Thursday, November 10, 2011

NT Scan and a Surprise!!!

I was so unbelievably nervous last night. I did not sleep at all. All night long my mind was racing with all the "what ifs" that could possibly happen. What if baby stopped growing? What if there is no heartbeat anymore? What if there is some problem going on? What if, what if, what if....

We walked into the geneticist's office today and I immediately raised my eyebrows. This place was a riot. Eighties style chairs upholstered in some god-awful high-lighter explosion geometric pattern, huge canvas pictures on the wall of tie dyed human faces and pregnant bellies and boobs. Stacks of Cosmo magazine on the wicker coffee tables. Uhm...yeah. We had the first appointment so we sat alone in the waiting room for awhile as the ultrasound tech got our room all ready. It is always so awkward sitting in waiting rooms. It's like, you want to talk but everyone can hear you so you just sit there in awkward silence.

After awhile the tech came to get us and led us to our exam room. She was no nonsense that is for sure. She told me to lean back and undo my jeans down to my hips. I did and she took a sheet and tucked it allllllll the way into the front of my panties. Glad I was trying to be modest there lady! I gave a side-eye to Josh who was sitting right next to me and he was trying so hard not to laugh. At least that broke the ice a little. It was awesome because they had a huge TV screen suspended from the wall so I could see without having to crook my neck funny or something.

She squirted the (warm! They heated it!) ultrasound goo on my belly and went to town with the wand. We immediately saw our little peanut, but little peanut was not so little anymore! She pointed out all the parts and pieces that we could see...hands, legs, feet, brain!, spinal cord, nasal bone...and then she took three profile pictures and measured the fluid at the back of baby's neck. Each time, it was 1.5 mm. A great measurement. Anything under 3mm is considered "good". Based on that measurement our risk of Down Syndrome went from 1:1000 to 1:7751!!! Great great odds!

She zoomed in on baby's little heart and we could see it pumping away. Then she turned the sound on and peanut's little heartbeat filled the room. A strong 163 bpm. All in all it was a great appointment. We got so many pictures and were totally reassured and ready to tell everyone.

Our surprise came when she measured the baby. From crown to rump peanut was measuring 7.5 centimeters. This bumps my due date from May 22nd alllllllllllllll the way back up to May 13th. Remember back when I thought I was 9 weeks and they told me I was 7weeks3days? Well, peanut is now back to where I thought it should be all along! Time to change all my dates back to normal!!!!! Grr!!! It is so nuts to go from thinking I was 12weeks to all of a sudden being almost 14 weeks. I jumped straight into the second trimester which is so awesome. I am just beaming right now, here is my favorite photo of peanut with his/her perfect little nose!!!

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